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Choosing the Right Career

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The general advice to graduates present and past is to choose a career that fits their interests, aptitudes, work values and many more factors. However, in this oversaturated job market full of applicants and candidates and the paltry amount of jobs, it takes a bit more consideration given the circumstances. While students today should choose, of course, the path that feels the most right to them career-wise, they must think about job satisfaction as well. The danger of turning a passion into a career is that at some point, it no longer becomes a passion and it becomes work and a job that takes a physical and mental toll on an individual, while taking away pleasure. Choosing a career that can provide optimal levels of job satisfaction means matching the desired occupation to character traits and motivations, which means knowing more about yourself than just the surface of your likes and dislikes.

Many corporations use personality tests and assessments like the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Big Five to assess whether or not applicants are best fit for the organisation. These tests give deeper insight into less commonly known aspects of the human personality such as conscientiousness, judging or perceptive capabilities and more. This is information that serves corporations and management, but as well as individuals. It is through these tests that students and young adults can find out who they are besides their likes and dislikes. It gives insight into their values, behavior and even potential career options. These suggestions are by no means limiting to certain personality types, but they are better forms of archaic and old career aptitude tests. The key to knowing how to choose a job is to know oneself—values, behavior, strength, weaknesses, how one reacts under pressure, etc. It can seem impossible, but it is not.

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