Factors Influencing my Choice of Food

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Human beings are exposed to various situations that require them to make several decisions. Some of the situations that have required me to make decisions include the choice of food. My personal preferences play a big role in determining the food that I choose at a particular time. However, there are also other factors that influence my choice of food. These factors are also very instrumental towards promoting a change in diet depending on the underlying circumstances. The most common factors associated with my dietary stimulus include social, cultural, environmental and economic.

Social aspects have the biggest impact on the type of food that I eat. The social influences restrain me to a certain social class, and this makes me comply with the requirements of the class through taking the food associated to it. Cultural influences are also part of the social influence. My habits and family orientations have made me like certain types of food than others. The perceptions created by the media and peer groups also make me develop some attitudes about certain types of food. These perceptions make me like and dislike certain foods, and this is very instrumental towards determining my food preferences.

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Economic and physical determinants also play a very big role in determining the type of food I take. For instance, the amount of money I have on my budget for food dictates the type of food I buy. Physical influences also can make me eat certain types of food. For example, the weather can limit me on the type of food I choose. On the other hand, the physical condition of my body is also very important when it comes to dietary issues. These factors assist time in determining the appetitive and the type of food that meet my needs.

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