HIV/AIDS in Niger

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The men and women of Niger live in isolation — they have since conception. In contrast to our American upbringing, they are not privileged with exposure to social and economic advancements. Many are reared without a complete familial unit; not due to a choice but rather a direct reflection of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

While attending high school, I was exposed to an organization entitled, “Expanding Lives.” Expanding Lives supports the education of young women in West Africa, many of whom are among the first in their families to attend high school. This group aided in providing resources to expand young women’s self-confidence, problem solving skills and empowerment through initiatives and training. I was particularly fond in how they encouraged women to play an active role in their individual destiny. Promoting leadership through community initiatives that when used correctly can effortlessly change their home communities.

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Though encouraged by their achievements, I was struck by a conversation I had with a young female participant. The topic was HIV/AIDS and she appeared unaware of the intricacies surrounding how it is contracted and how you can protect yourself. I was alarmed by her naiveté and took this opportunity to educate her on the basics. Through our discussion she became increasingly concerned that her Uncle exhibited several of the symptoms I had mentioned. Sadly, upon arriving home to Niger and insisting that her Uncle get tested for HIV/AIDS they were informed that he, his wife, and their daughter were infected and HIV positive. Though devastating the child was provided adequate care in order to have his life spared from premature death.

Niger has taught me to be filled with wonder in the complexities that surround me. This love of complexity has led me to apply to Michigan State University. I am confident that by accepting me to your prestigious institution, I will add energy, ambition, and most importantly, an element of compassion. As with the young women of Expanding Lives, every person deserves the chance to realize their dream, right?

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