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When a loss is so great, it seems as if there is no possible way to go on. We go through our days in a kind of fog. The loved one, the one so important to making life worthwhile for is, is simply gone. We gather here now, in fact,...

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Hamlet designs his play-within-the-play called The Mousetrap with the purpose of confirming the words of the Ghost about the King Hamlet’s murder. The Mousetrap, which is also known in the play as The Murder of Gonzago, is performed by visiting actors. Its plot resembles King Hamlet’s murder through the murder...

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The company is facing challenges with its Macau operations. This is because the island has the potential to reach out to a growing demographic of wealthy consumers in China. They have more disposable income and are seeking out a getaway that is close to the mainland. However, issues such as...

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Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon highlight in their joint column “Spotlight Finally Falls on White Hate Radio” the bigotry of talk show host Bob Grant. Grant is the mouthpiece for one of the most widely listened to talk shows in the country nuzzled at New York WABC headquarters. The show...

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We see it in innumerable science fiction films – underwater cities, completely self-sufficient, existing independently from civilization on the mainland – but is habitation under the sea a plausible reality or just a mere conjecture? Research on the prospects of underwater habitation has been underway for over a decade. Indeed,...

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The issue over online privacy has recently been reignited following the exposure of the practices the National Security Agency (NSA) was adopting both nationally and internationally. It was in May 2013 that Edward Snowdon (A NSA computer contractor), leaked information about the PRISM surveillance program. The following paper explore the...

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The men and women of Niger live in isolation — they have since conception. In contrast to our American upbringing, they are not privileged with exposure to social and economic advancements. Many are reared without a complete familial unit; not due to a choice but rather a direct reflection of...

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My favorite work from the English literary canon would be George Eliot's Middlemarch. There are other contenders within the Victorian canon, specifically Dickens's Bleak House or Dombey and Son. As great as these novels are, however, I do not feel they match the scope of achievement in Eliot's masterpiece. The...

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Perfecting the Expository Essay: Guide + Tips

This blog post is devoted to expository essay writing. In particular, it will deal with the definition, structure, and top essay writing tips. 

Essay writing forms an integral part of high school and college life. Life can only be simple for you if, indeed, you can write effectively. Expository writing is one of these essays which are commonly tested on by lecturers. 

So, what is an expository essay?

Definition of an Expository Paper

It comes from the word, expose. Therefore, an expository essay definition would be, a genre of writing that explains, illustrates, clarifies, or explicates an idea in a clear way to readers. 

So, it could be an evaluation, argumentation, or investigation about an idea for clarification purposes. Expository can be through: 

  • Comparison and contrast
  • Definition
  • Example 
  • The analysis of cause and effect

How to write an expository essay effectively depends on how well you understand the structure. Let’s dive into that.

Outline of an Expository Essay

The structure of expository essays is similar to that of other essay papers. Such an article should flow naturally in a logical and well-organized format. Like any other essay, the structure involves:

  • An introductory part
  • A body 
  • A conclusion

Each of these parts has its unique features discussed below:


A general opening statement should mark your debut. For an expository, the writer should ensure that the submission is captivating to keep the reader attracted until the end. A context should be clear to give your readers a better chance of understanding your topic.

The last part of an expository introduction is the thesis statement. It enables the audience to get a grip on what you are going to expose in the body paragraphs. 


You can either opt for the three or five body paragraphs. The body paragraphs should each cover a separate point that develops the essay’s thesis. For your paper to be more appealing, the body paragraphs should be in the following manner:

  • Main Idea
  • Evidence (facts, statistics, quotes, interviews) 
  • Analysis of the evidence
  • Explanation of the evidence chosen 

Each paragraph should have a logical transition that links it to the next one.


The conclusion for an expository should focus on the following: 

  • An overview
  • Possible problem solutions
  • Restatement of the thesis statement
  • Food for thought

Before we conclude this post, here are some writing tips that will enable you to define an expository essay and write one quickly.

Top-rated Expository Essay Writing Tips

  1. Be objective and straight forward
  2. Choose an expository topic you have previous knowledge on
  3. Use active verbs and appropriate adverbs
  4. Select evidence that effectively exposes your thesis 
  5. Use reputable resources for evidence and references
  6. Write in the third person
  7. Do not persuade readers of your opinion
  8. Maintain clarity
  9. Summarize in conclusion rather than presenting new ideas
  10. For better rhythm, use sentences of different length

But remember, an expository essay is different from an argumentative essay. Therefore, you should talk about the expository topic and share facts and evidence. There are many expository essay examples on the internet, but these tips should lead you to the right ones.

Take A Look At Our Expository Essay Samples

From what we have discussed, you are now able to write your own expository from scratch. With a little touch of language and grammar, your expository essay could the best in your class. So go for it!

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