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Human Rights Leaders

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Kenneth Clark was an American psychologist who was famous for his race relations studies. Most of the psychological studies that Clark conducted, he was together with his wife. While working at the city college in New York, Clark developed ‘doll tests.’ In the tests, he made white and black dolls and gave them to the children to play. This was one of the most significant actions that led to the development of his racial ideologies in the United States. During his time, Clark used his position to oppose all issues that were associated with racial segregation in various social places.

The major achievement of Clark is the he succeeded in promoting the position of the Blacks in the society. He assisted in alleviating institutional segregation that targeted the blacks. This was evident in various schools and places of work. Clark argued that racial segregation was detrimental to the psychological and personality development among the children. His practical engagements that led to the establishment of the racial segregation was very elemental towards his success. Media were very instrumental in publicizing his work for the sake of the equality in the society. His efforts can be relevant in the society today especially in the alleviation of the social gaps that exists among people of different races.

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Catherine Hepburn was born in a family in a family where she was always encouraged by her parents to be very bold and speak up openly her mind in order to enhance its development. This was one of the strategies that could assist her acquire full potential of her abilities. However, she experienced various tragic experiences in during her childhood days including the death of his brother to become one of the biggest social stars across the globe.

Hepburn’s unconventional talent and character assisted to become a great actor in the film industry. She used her position to acquire a lot of social influence. She inherited her personality and abilities and used them to propagate massive change through the movies she acted. One of her admirable characteristics was her level of resilience. She was able to overcome our challenges and obstacles to produce some of the best artistic portrayals in the world. In the world today, the film industry is very influential. This is because it is used in various perspectives to address various moral and ethical lessons to the public.

Harvey Milk was a committed civil and human rights leader. One of the factors that gave him a lot of publicity was his ability to declare himself a gay in public and still contested for a public office leadership. His subsequent elections gave a lot of inspiration to the stigmatized social groups of the transgendered, bisexual, gay and lesbians. During this time, these social groups were receiving a lot of discrimination and hostility in various social places. His social position exposed to a lot of dangers. As a result, gay received numerous death threats.

Milk was a champion in fighting for human rights without any fear, and he was subjected to numerous death threats but did not stop fighting for the marginalized people in the society. He offered a lot of inspiration for various individual to enhance social justice through enhancing his dedication to enhancing equality. Hi method of acquiring social justice for the minority and the discriminated can be applied effectively to champion justice in the society today without fear or favor. The public leaders should stand and go against all discrimination endeavors in public and promote justice for all people.

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