Linux Secure File Storage Server

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Design and describe a file storage server solution or Linux that allows files to be read but not modified.
The First World Bank Savings and Loan bank has over time maintained customer information as confidential as possible and the bank limit access to this information to only a few employees thus facilitating the confidentiality. In order to achieve this, the bank requires a storage system with the necessary features that will promote the confidentiality levels. The main concept behind the design of the storage server will contain the name, data, and other properties such as its size. The model will use a local area network (LAN) already installed in the bank to allow ease of access to all computers used by the employees. The developer will customize the design to ensure only a few employees with authority can edit the information by providing passwords to use when modification of the data is necessary.

The system developer will design the server to incorporate the function of storing and retrieving the data whenever there is a transaction-taking place. To ensure the design meets its requirement it will have enough space to hold all the customers’ data in the bank. Its access speed should be fast enough to accommodate multiple transactions at ones without slowing its function. The higher the speed, the better the efficiency of the system thus the system speed needs to be high to create efficiency. The model of the software and hardware to use when developing the server need to be technologically viable thus compatible with the current operating system of the bank.

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Explain how a Linux server can read data from a secure server in the local network.
The main threat to any server in the bank is hacking or the unwanted access to the banks’ data by unauthorized persons. The unwanted access may cause loss of data and funds through fraudulent transactions by the unauthorized persons. Mostly, the storage server system may have about two network interfaces whereby one interface connects the system to the internet whereas the other links to the local area network of the bank. Unwanted access to the server will come due to the system allowing traffic from the LAN to the internet and from the internet to the LAN. The main threat arises from the developer trying to limit only the wanted traffic from the internet to the LAN to reduce any hacking.

Therefore, for a server to access any data from the local network, then there must be the traffic connecting it to the internet. The entire system has its control over the main system that connects it to the other computer system. Following this connections, it opens access to the system allowing authorized access to the server. However, the system must have a modified security system to accommodate only the permitted access to the server.

Describe Linux file system mounting options and the implications of selecting read-write versus read-only options.
Mounting of the Linux file system is a command that allows the accessibility and connecting of the storage system to the existing system in operation in the bank. Indeed, there are various mounting options for system organizations use to execute the command. The options include the auto option that allows the system developers to mount it automatically to the existing system. The other is the remount option that remounts the system that was earlier mounted. Another option is the user option that gives a right to an ordinary user to mount or unmount the system any time. The best mounting option for the bank will be the auto option that will enable the system to mount automatically to the existing system.

The read-write interface involves giving the right to the system users to configure data and even write to the data source whereas read-only interface involves access to the data in the system without making any alterations to the information. The main implication of read-write in the bank system is that the bank involves customer transactions that require modifications of the existing data to accommodate the operations that take place timely.

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