Linux Open Source Services

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The First World Bank established in 1944 currently has over one hundred and twenty offices worldwide. The banks’ savings and loan task team together with the network engineer has come up with various systems aimed at automating its operation to create efficiency. The team has proposed some servers that the bank will use to support their business through facilitating the online transactions systems. The bank aims at achieving to main goals by the end of 2030 that involves decreasing poverty levels to as low as three percent and also promoting increase in income for every country in the world.

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The business of the bank revolves around offering the financial and technical assistant services. Mainly, it offers the services to the developing countries in the world with the aim of reducing poverty. In addition, the bank has the business of supporting development of these countries. Its management mostly comprises the member countries. Its security revolves around the protection from theft by outsiders and from people fraudulently acquiring monetary benefits not allocated for them. To achieve this, the teams choose the best team to recommend the best servers to offer the security requirements for the bank.

Database server=
The Hadoop is a software technology that the developer designs to store and process large volumes of data in any organization. The software works together with the mongoDB to allow for the processing of large data applications. This works through mongoDB powering the online applications and the Hadoop consumes this data and combine it with one from other sources to create efficiency. Its advantages involves the creation of a system that helps the delivery of relevant offers, allow detection of any fraudulent activities much faster, and help in the prediction of failure rates by other processes.

Web server=
This is an open source Java software technology that powers large-scale web applications for any organization. The software created by the Apache Software Foundation create HTTP web server environment where the Java codes can run. Its pros involves it high flexibility features, it is easily available for any user, creates an additional level of security, it is stable, and helps provide a quick data load support for its user.

File server:
This is a network attached storage system that facilitates the installation and administration of the storage requirements. It operates through provision of web- based user interface with features such as plug-ins, statistical reporting, monitoring, and access controls among others. Its main advantage involves helping to secure the system from unwanted access and only approved personnel can access.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server:
The SMTP helps in simplifying the configurations with the use of small file that allowing for the specification of the items such as the name of the SMTP server, the main email domain, and the authorization such as username and password. Its main advantage is offering support through communication and creation of security for the system.

The best open source system to use will be the Hadoop software that works with the mongoDB due to its ability to handle large data as required by the bank and its ability to detect any fraudulent activity much faster.

Part Two
Managing the web servers
The scenario based on this principle dictates that all the user accounts should run with the least number of privileges as possible. In the creation of group and user accounts through the principle of least privilege, the organization ensures only the right people access the system. The principle of least authority helps in computer security through ensuring minimal authority to the users of the system. The group and user accounts created are mainly as per the specific needs of the job the individual performs. Therefore, every system process must contain the least authority needed to perform its duties or operate in accordance to the requirements of the organization. In turn, this will help in the reduction of any unwanted attacks on the computer by eliminating unnecessary privileges.

The developer does the administration of the special permissions required in creating user or group accounts also known as the user rights. The rights give authority to the user to some specific tasks in the system as per the requirements of the organization. The rights are classified into two; the logon rights that specify the ways how a user can log into a system such as remote login. The other is the privilege that gives the user specific actions to a system.

An account policy for the users of the system states that, “the access to the Hadoop database systems must be restricted to authorized users only; this should be in accordance to the principle of least privilege.”

The special permission required to create a user account involves assigning a specific level of access to each user with only the system customized to display only the features the user require to complete their specific tasks.

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