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I have a cat named eleven; she was adopted by two years ago. She was only 3 months old when I adopt her. She was a tabby cat and very cute also very greediness. After one year, I thought she feels lonely, so I went to adopt another cat. But here came a new problem, which was about the new cat name’s seven. When seven came to our home, eleven seemed to be very unhappy and angry. So I’m going to tell a story about that how to trains two cats live in peace.

As far as both eleven and seven will require my love and care, I will give the two cats enough time and attention as much as possible. However, the fact that the two cats are yet to get along, I will essentially create at least twenty minutes of my day to play with both of them separately. Nonetheless, I will also pet them in a manner that with equal concern and attention. Most importantly, I will show them how I am thrilled with their presence by playing with them at least twice per day.

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Far from that, I will also create enough space that will accommodate the two cats. As far as cats are typically fond of creating social distance, I will add cat towers to provide more room for both eleven and seven. Besides that, I will also provide at least 19 square feet of floor that will comfortably accommodate. Consequently, cats are naturally territorial and not unless enough room is created to for both of them, it will be extremely difficult to avoid possibilities of fighting.

Another necessity that will enhance peace between elven and seven will provision of individual litter box for the two of them alongside a third one that will act as spare. By so doing, I am positive that the two cats will feel comfortable and try to establish their individual territories without mush stress. Since eleven is new, I will try to create harmony between them by placing their litter boxes at opposite positions of the room. Most importantly, it will be much convenient if their individual litter boxes will be placed on separate floors to necessitate individual readjustments and understanding to one another.

In retrospect to that, I will provide them with different food dishes to prevent unnecessary aggression. Perhaps, that will be a core measure of ensuring they are feeding well. Consequently, one cat can eat all the food when they are fed on the same dish. It is also convenient to feed the two cats separately to prevent them from fighting. As far as eleven is new, I will ensure that their feeding dishes are placed on opposite sides of the room.

Another significant measure that I will undertake to enhance better understanding between elven and seven will be appropriation of different carrier boxes for the two cats. That will not only necessitate easy transportation; it will also reduce the possibility of physical contact between them. Additionally, the two cats will feel more secure and comfortable when they are transported in different carriers. Most importantly, the two cats will have different hiding places as they try to get along.

I will try to keep the two cats away from each other during the first days. Perhaps, there will be more convenient to place eleven in a separate room to prevent physical contact that can trigger fights. Also, confining eleven in a different room for at least seven days will provide her with necessary room for acclimation and readjustment to the new environment. However, I will be cautious not to concentrate on eleven and forget seven because seven will obviously feel sad and hate eleven.

After keeping them separate for a convenient period of time, I will introduce them to one another by smell from under a door rather than through physical contact. Thus, I will interchange their individual beddings and toys to ensure that each one of them is accustomed to the new scent. By so doing, the two cats will essentially understand that there is another cat around. After a few days I will rub a small piece of clothing on seven and introduce it to eleven to see her reaction. I will repeat the same measure with elven and see their individual behaviors. Perhaps, progress will be made if the two cats will be comfortable with each other’s smell.

The next step will be introducing the two cats to each other without physical contact and observing any signs of distress in them. The process will be instrumental in determining whether they will be free to interact and stay together or not. Nonetheless, I will introduce a transparent barrier that will enable the two cats to see each other. After that, I will sit back and observe their defensive postures and general response to ascertain the next measure.

After that, I will switch their room locations to enable them to acclimate with their new surroundings. That will empower the two cats to cope with each other’s space and smell. Additionally, the initiative will enable the two cats to readjust to new spaces before introducing them to one another. Consequently, the next step will be somehow crucial.

I will place the two cats to come into physical contact and interact with one another. I will keep a spray bottle at hand that will empower me to contain their behaviors in case they act aggressively. However, if they get along, I will allow them to get along and continue to stay together although I will still be observing their behaviors. If they fight I will try to punish them to ensure that they understand their mistakes.

After ensuring that they can get along, I will begin to feed them from the same room and close to one another. Besides, it will also be important to play and treat them together to necessitate their association. I will repeat the above processes depending on how elven and seven will get along and start living in peace. By so doing, rest assured, the two cats will get along and relate well with one another.

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