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Depending on whom you consult, there can be as few as seven steps (Engle, 2001) or as many as fourteen steps (Fang et al., 2008) in the research process. It all depends on how specific a researcher wants to get in describing what takes place before a research proposal and...

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A mobile phone is one of the electronic devices that are used extensively across the world. However, the device is fragile, and if not handled with care, it can easily break. We should not refer all our broken phones to the technicians for fixing. Sometimes we need to take the...

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An arrest is the foremost category of the criminal justice process about the arrest of sentence process. The process begins where police conduct an arrest and take him or her into custody. However in different cases, before an arrest is made, investigations take the front line for the establishment of...

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Our world is becoming a smaller place to live, thanks to globalization and advancements in information and communication technologies. As a result, cross-cultural awareness has been increasingly and more and more people are making international travel plans. Like anything else, the key to memorable travelling experiences lies in a well-developed...

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Like any other organization, health care organizations have goals set that they need to meet to succeed. Indeed, for an organization to succeed in achieving desired objectives, organizational change is essential (Byers & White, 2004). Health care service organizations have various processes that include, financial, environmental, and Patient Safety. As...

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I have a cat named eleven; she was adopted by two years ago. She was only 3 months old when I adopt her. She was a tabby cat and very cute also very greediness. After one year, I thought she feels lonely, so I went to adopt another cat. But...

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My final research project will explore the topic of anti-bullying, and specifically will explore the issue of bullying the workplace. This topic is particularly relevant to the study of behavioural sciences, as it explores one of the key factors influencing the way in which organizations can apply the theory of...

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Writing The Best Process Essay Quickly

So, what is a process essay? In the simplest term, a process essay is basically a HOW-to essay. This is the type of paper that serves to inform the reader of how something needs to be done and teach him/her the steps needed to reach a certain goal. This ‘goal’ can be anything, ranging from how something works to how to cook a mouth-smacking dinner.

Characteristics Of A Typical Process Essay

As the name of the essay suggests, this type of essay explains the process of making-or-breaking something. Hence, the essay needs to be written in chronological order and needs to be highlighted in the step-by-step process. The essays are written in prescriptive or descriptive mode.

While process essays are not the same as technical documents, they do have a lot of similarities. The only visible difference between both is that process essays are written in the descriptive mode, while technical documents are written in imperative mode.

Choosing A Process Analysis Essay Topic

This is considered the most primal step for writing any type of essay; it will distinguish your future text and success. Before you start the whole writing process, you need to understand why you are writing about it. The goal behind your process essay is to provide your audience with useful and important knowledge that they can use in the future. The subject you choose needs to be informative and practical for the readers.

For instance, you can choose the topic ‘How to apply for a University abroad?’ for school students. However, the topic ‘How to make friends?’ does not make much sense for university/college students.

If you are writing for a specialized group or class, ensure that the topic is chosen according to mutual interest. For instance, a musical group would benefit from topics like ‘How to play music in odd-time signature’, etc. Look at different process essay examples to get a clearer idea.

Lastly, make sure the topic has a bit of humor in it. This is a good way of hooking up your audience. Do not apply boring subject matters like ‘how to make friends?’, etc. Instead, you can write upon ‘How to survive the first year in college?’.

Structure Of Process Essays

Learning how to write a process essay is very easy. The overall structure of process essays is quite simple and is not so different from a standard essay. The paper will contain three parts that represent their own points and play an important role in persuading the people to explain it.

  1. Introduction: This section of the essay should explain why you are writing on the given subject. Also, you can give some explanation about the uniqueness of your approach.
  2. Body: This is the most important section of your process essay. You can divide the whole part into paragraphs and devote each step on each paragraph. Ensure that the paragraphs are connected by logic and should be a follow-up of the previous paragraph.
  3. Conclusion: In this part, you can make your readers understand why the process essay you have jotted down is important to them and can prove to be useful. You can describe your own experience where possible.

The steps mentioned above are quite simple. Ensure that you use words that are related to the topic. The whole vision of the essay is related to describing and explanatory purposes.

Tips For Writing Process Essays

Here are some tips that can help you understand how to write a process paper:

As said before, writing down a process paper essay is not a tough job. However, if you still find yourself in trouble or do not know how to write a how to essay, you can get in touch with MyCustomEssay, where expert writers are assigned to do your job for you.