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Friday was always pizza day. The excitement would build throughout the classrooms as we would all wait for the bell to release us to the cafeteria. This was the pattern every single Friday and as a treat for completely the week of studies. Then, one particular Friday, something so strange happened that it altered the course of the events for the rest of the day.

The bell rang and everyone rushed to drop off their belongings to their lockers and then towards the cafeteria. The first to reach the line, as usual, was Russ. I watched from seven people back as Russ grabbed his tray and approached the food service workers. Then I heard it, the most awful sound that I had ever heard. “WHAT?” Russ screamed out as if he had just lost his best friend. “But it is Friday!” his voice seemed to quiver.

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All of a sudden there was a disturbance all through the lunchroom. It started as a small whisper and then got louder as Russ walked with his head down carrying his blue lunch tray. As he passed each person in the line everyone peered at his tray and realized that right there, where there should be a nice hot piece of pizza on Russ’s tray, was a portion of what appeared to be turkey and gravy!!

Each student continued and expected something differently but even the last one in line did not discover pizza on their tray. Perhaps it was the disappointment or maybe the realization that nothing was guaranteed anymore, but as the trays were being emptied, there was yelling and screaming among the classmates.

Russ, who was somehow considered to be the reason that the menu had changed, was pushed against the wall by two other students. Teachers tried to calm down the cafeteria but it was out of control. For the rest of the day, everyone focused on the loss of a tradition and the absence of the reward. There was no more studies that day. There was also never another Friday that the cafeteria did not serve pizza for lunch.

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