Small Retailers Open Up Storefronts on Facebook Pages

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An online article on The New York Times reports that Facebook has emerged as an important marketing and distribution channel for some small businesses like Mandie Miller who operates Got What It Cakes. Ms. Miller’s business took off only after her sister created a Facebook page for the business even though Ms. Miller already had a website. Marketing and selling on Facebook even now has a name called F-Commerce. The article offers several suggestions how Facebook could be used to grow business. First of all, businesses should find a way to differentiate themselves from an average Facebook community page through posts, photos, and shopping functions. The owners should also not be afraid to promote businesses through their own personalities so as to connect with customers. Similarly, one can form productive partnerships with other businesses so they each cross-promote others’ products. It also pays to offer more shopping options to customers such as business website as some may not be comfortable buying on Facebook (Zimmerman).

I am not surprised small businesses have been successfully using Facebook because due to the sheer number of Facebook users, it is a valuable marketing tool. In addition, small businesses already have an established client presence on Facebook for their product. Similarly, selling on Facebook also benefits from the trust users have for friends and people they know, thus, any satisfied customer can bring in many references. The ability to share posts and pictures mean tremendous exposure especially since Facebook displays likes and posts on users’ timeline. Small businesses also are attracted to Facebook because it is easy to set up a business page as they are already familiar with Facebook and friends and family usually do not mind promoting business out of goodwill.

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  • Zimmerman, Eilene. Small Retailers Open Up Storefronts on Facebook Pages. 25 July 2012. 15 September 2013

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