Stop Writing Dystopian Sci-Fi

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I believe we need to stop writing science fiction and dystopian novels. The dystopian genre and science fiction that is so prevalent today only adds fear and paranoia in a world that is not lacking in either. While many believe that the scenarios depicted are too far-fetched and merely provide entertainment, it is not too unrealistic to believe that our society—with its ever-growing obsession—could become some form of a dystopia.

In Michael Solana’s article “Stop Writing Dystopian Sci-Fi—It’s Making Us Fear Technology,” he explains exactly why the books we read could be predictors of our future. He mentions some science fiction writers that “predicted” future inventions, such as satellite communication, cell phones, etc. At the time these authors released their books, their inventions were completely imaginary and not something anyone every anticipated having. So if science fiction has shown us our future in the past, it is not too unlikely or unbelievable that it could happen again.

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We have enough things to be worried about in our world already. We need to focus on imagining a world that is good, not a dystopia. Solana explains how the danger is beyond our fear of technology: “Even more disturbing than the critique of technology in these stories is the assault on the nature of Man himself.” We are not only being taught to fear technology, but to fear each other. If we believe that our world and society is something to fear, then we will create a society that will be feared.

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