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Abu Zayd Nasr's analysis of Islam within a 20th century context offers a fascinating – and highly complex – scenario of how faith may be exponentially and inestimably shaped by commercial, political, nationalistic, and intellectual forces. The complexity of Nasr's presentation alone, the core subject of Islam notwithstanding, actually serves...

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As I look back on the work I have done and consider its meaning for me now, I perceive multiple processes in play, and some of which I was not actually aware at the time of the writing. Taking this into consideration now, I believe, is important in introducing this...

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I believe only another foreign student can truly appreciate the challenges in learning to write English correctly. The individual from another culture faces immense difficulties as well, but they generally are not required to do what the student must do: prove their learning as it develops. As a Chinese American...

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As I reflect upon my first semester, I face multiple impressions arising from a wide variety of experiences. The reflection becomes even more complex as I realize how each experience translated to others. On a basic level, for instance, all my ideas regarding what university learning would be like were...

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“Teacher Survival Skills” was an informative film and it gave me a lot of insight into how to enter the world of teaching. One of the topics that were discussed within the video was the correct way to go about becoming a certified teacher. By watching the video I learned...

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Will was playing tennis at a local park – something that he does on a regular basis. It was late at night, and he saw a group of young black men walking down the street. These young men could not have been older than 20, and they looked to be...

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As a white male, Will rarely has to deal with the constructs of race in a negative way. He is not denied access to certain areas because of race, and in fact, race is an advantage almost every time for him. However, Willis one of the few people where comes...

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How To Write A Reflective Essay That Earns Top Grades?

Writing a reflective essay is the surest way of sharpening your critical thinking skills as well as developing and expressing your opinions on a given topic. More often than not, a reflection essay will be assigned by your instructor to assess your descriptive and analytical skills. This is why it is important to put on your thinking cap and know how to write a reflective essay.

A reflective piece includes writing about or describing an event or experience and then analyzing its significance. An essay is reflective when the writer analyzes a past event in the present. These require you to open up regarding your thoughts and emotions and paint a vivid picture by describing the experience. Like any essay, they should also include explanations for all mentioned reactions, thoughts, and feelings. It helps to take a look at a few reflective essay examples to start with.

Now that you are done knowing what is a reflective essay, it is time to know how to go about writing one.

Strategies For Writing A Reflective Essay

Once you’ve been assigned a topic, it is important to go through a few checkpoints to ensure that your essay is thoroughly structured.

  1. Mind-Map: The importance of this step cannot be overstated. It can be easy to get jumbled up in a whirlpool of ideas once you are assigned a topic. Creating a mind map helps to sort out the clutter and to visualize your ideas. Evaluate your ideas, group them into paragraphs that you will write, and decide the logical sequence.
  2. Opening Paragraph: A strong opening hooks the reader in. Write and re-write a few times to get it right until you have an eye-catching and memorable opening that reins the reader’s attention.
  3. Supporting Ideas: This is the crux of your self reflection essay and should include all your arguments, ideas, and explanations. Ensure that you only provide one point, and reflections thereof, within each paragraph.
  4. Conclusion: In the concluding section, summarize your thoughts briefly. Write about what you have learned and how the experience might be useful for others. It helps to ask a rhetorical question to finish off your essay.

Writing Tips For A Reflective Essay

Here are a few tips for the writing an effective reflection essay:

  1. Provide a few hints about the conclusion in the introductory paragraph.
  2. Since it is an essay based on your own personal experience, it is acceptable to use the pronoun “I”.
  3. Using quotations can make your writing appear more authoritative and informed.
  4. You are free to describe the things that went wrong with the experience and what could be done to improve it in hindsight.

Things To Avoid In A Reflective Essay

Once you know how to write a reflection paper, it can seem like it is no different than writing a formalized diary entry. Though it is not far from it, it is still an academic essay and requires you to remain formal. Avoid the following when writing a reflective essay.

Reflective pieces can be deceptively simple to write. It is no surprise that people look for reflective paper sample to aid them in their writing. If you are having trouble with this format, feel free to reach out to MyCustomEssay – our vast database of essay samples is always at your disposal!