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Leadership is a critical skill that young aspiring professionals must develop to become a better employee in the workplace. Throughout my lifetime I have been exposed to life experiences, educational preparation, and work experiences that have helped me enhance my leadership abilities and skills. To develop my leadership skills, I...

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Shyness was my friend. Introvert is what some may have called me. Quiet is what my parents believed. Unsure and lacking confidence is what I felt. Every activity that required me to stand out was off-limits in my mind. I couldn’t wrap my head around events that needed me for...

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From the vast variety of options, I have eventually opted for North Central University. This academic institution embraces sustainable infrastructure and resources that match my educational and professional aspirations. The core part of my self-concept and a key priority is to earn a doctorate degree. What has attracted me from...

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We get several experiences from our daily activities. These experiences present unique learning opportunities in which we acquire various views and perspectives on life. The new experiences can be scary or tough, but through determination we are always able to align ourselves with them and perform all the activities according...

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Westfield Valley Fair is a luxurious shopping mall located in the heart of Silicon Valley. It features boutiques, stores, and dining establishments. You can find everything from lingerie to outwear. It is one of the most productive shopping centers in the USA. It has 261 retail stores, 15 million customers...

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From my experience with my family, I believe that a good family should comprise of both parents who adequately provide for their children and love them unconditionally. In stating providing, I mean both financially and emotionally. Children find themselves being needy of emotional attention in most cases and, therefore, require...

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Consuming certain types of fats is beneficial for preventing heart disease. Specifically, individuals I should try to increase my consumption of unsaturated fats, which includes both monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. Eating these types of fats helps to lower LDL cholesterol. High levels of LDL cholesterol contribute to the buildup...

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As a now literate adult, reflecting on my journey to literacy will greatly assist me as a future teacher. The experiences I have had throughout my early childhood including the influence of my family and teachers will be valuable as I learn how to shape the minds of my students....

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Leadership plays critical roles in the running of an organization, especially when it is a large firm. Being a leader implies that one is capable of influencing other people in a particular direction to achieve set objectives (Huczynski & Buchanan, 2013). Being a leader requires self-sacrifice and one is expected...

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A good leader is an individual who possesses a strong focus and dedication to his or her craft and the objectives that have been established. It is important to identify the qualities and characteristics of a good leader in order to demonstrate a high level understanding of how these tools...

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In many cases, experiences will shape the way someone sees themselves and the world around them. This has direct effect on their thoughts and ability to overcome personal challenges. In these situations we are all using different observations and interactions to enhance our understanding of the key events. Those who...

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After studying hospitality, I learned there are many things that affect the industry. One aspect that stands out in my mind is how important it is to leverage technology for the hotel that one works at, and how technology affects the hospitality industry. Technology includes not only the use of...

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Time management should not be referred to as a skill an individual is often taught as he/she grows up. It follows from this that coming up with a well-balanced approach to our studies is what may endow students with an opportunity to expand the insight into the things that really...

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If anything changed in my writing process over the semester, I believe it is that I am now extremely aware of the process itself. More exactly, in the past I would write assignments but rely only on my ability to present information. I basically thought that, as long as I...

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It is arguable that since taking this course, my skills with quantitative reasoning and analysis have improved. I am able to better grasp the analysis process once quantitative data has been collected and I am able to understand the reasoning behind the collection of quantitative data in a particular fashion....

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When I think of the biases I might possess, there is a range of characteristics that comes to my mind with the comparative perspective of biases that might be possibly possessed by other student fellows. Among common prejudices, remarked by the World Trade Organization is the gender bias, which is...

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Change is one of the biggest truths in life. When people say that time doesn’t remain same, they are usually referring to the reality of change. While time continues to pass at the same pace, the pace of change has only increased, especially over the last few centuries. But we...

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Introduction Human longevity is the length of life a human being can live. The human survival has increased, and human being can live a longer life and the number of people reaching retirement age is increasing tremendously. The increase in number of people in this age has been attributed to...

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As of now, these are the five beliefs that I am convinced are limiting me from achieving the aspired changes. 1) I do not believe that I am competent enough in my area of expertise. In the instances of professional intervention, it always seems that there is someone more competent...

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An initial impression emerges that has to do with sentiments of belonging. It is in this sense that both African Americans and Whites in Mississippi feel they are part of the land. While this is quickly replaced by ambivalence related to ensuing change, it just may be that White reaction...

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Respect is a positive sensation of reverence for an entity or a person. Respect denotes the regard as well as consideration that are exhibited by an individual towards other people. Multiple philosophical works attempt to define ‘respect’ (Freedman, 2010). Immanuel Kant did a considerable work in defining respect since he...

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I still remember the early times when I was first introduced to the reading activity. My first experiences were listening to my parents as they read my children stories. I would really envy them for their ability to read because reading was like a superpower to me. I would think...

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If you have ever read an article on issues related to America’s oil and gas mineral owners, then you have probably been introduced to the insightful comments of the petroleum engineer and registered investment advisor, Kenny Dubose. A contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger's, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Houston Business...

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I never enjoyed reading much when I was younger. Perhaps this was merely the result of the time period I had been born into. The digital age, with its streams of hypnotic constant entertainment, lulls the contemporary individual into a type of trance. At this time, if I had the...

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Arthur Golden’s Memoirs of a Geisha is a novel that is well rooted in historical context and time periods of lavishness, conflict, and poverty. It stands to reason that one of the central themes within the novel would be that of conflict with a character’s personal history. Just as a...

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How To Write A Reflective Essay That Earns Top Grades?

Writing a reflective essay is the surest way of sharpening your critical thinking skills as well as developing and expressing your opinions on a given topic. More often than not, a reflection essay will be assigned by your instructor to assess your descriptive and analytical skills. This is why it is important to put on your thinking cap and know how to write a reflective essay.

A reflective piece includes writing about or describing an event or experience and then analyzing its significance. An essay is reflective when the writer analyzes a past event in the present. These require you to open up regarding your thoughts and emotions and paint a vivid picture by describing the experience. Like any essay, they should also include explanations for all mentioned reactions, thoughts, and feelings. It helps to take a look at a few reflective essay examples to start with.

Now that you are done knowing what is a reflective essay, it is time to know how to go about writing one.

Strategies For Writing A Reflective Essay

Once you’ve been assigned a topic, it is important to go through a few checkpoints to ensure that your essay is thoroughly structured.

  1. Mind-Map: The importance of this step cannot be overstated. It can be easy to get jumbled up in a whirlpool of ideas once you are assigned a topic. Creating a mind map helps to sort out the clutter and to visualize your ideas. Evaluate your ideas, group them into paragraphs that you will write, and decide the logical sequence.
  2. Opening Paragraph: A strong opening hooks the reader in. Write and re-write a few times to get it right until you have an eye-catching and memorable opening that reins the reader’s attention.
  3. Supporting Ideas: This is the crux of your self reflection essay and should include all your arguments, ideas, and explanations. Ensure that you only provide one point, and reflections thereof, within each paragraph.
  4. Conclusion: In the concluding section, summarize your thoughts briefly. Write about what you have learned and how the experience might be useful for others. It helps to ask a rhetorical question to finish off your essay.

Writing Tips For A Reflective Essay

Here are a few tips for the writing an effective reflection essay:

  1. Provide a few hints about the conclusion in the introductory paragraph.
  2. Since it is an essay based on your own personal experience, it is acceptable to use the pronoun “I”.
  3. Using quotations can make your writing appear more authoritative and informed.
  4. You are free to describe the things that went wrong with the experience and what could be done to improve it in hindsight.

Things To Avoid In A Reflective Essay

Once you know how to write a reflection paper, it can seem like it is no different than writing a formalized diary entry. Though it is not far from it, it is still an academic essay and requires you to remain formal. Avoid the following when writing a reflective essay.

  • Including too much personal information in your essay: Remember that it is your goal to state and analyze your opinion – not to write an autobiography.
  • Ignoring the structure of the format: You would do so at your own peril as it will lead to a disorganized and incoherent mess which can make it hard for the reader.
  • Being informal: Cut the slang. Always write in a formal tone and never assume the reader to be from your neighborhood.

Reflective pieces can be deceptively simple to write. It is no surprise that people look for reflective paper sample to aid them in their writing. If you are having trouble with this format, feel free to reach out to MyCustomEssay – our vast database of essay samples is always at your disposal!

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