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“To Be or Not to Be” Essay

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“To be or not to be” is a famous monolog which occurs in the tragedy “Hamlet”. The main character, Hamlet, touches upon the fight between good and evil. The lifelong struggle between the two bothers Hamlet all the time. It ruins his life and destroys his thoughts. He asks whether he should take revenge against his uncle or accept fate with resignation.

Hamlet knows that he lives in a world of injustice. The death of one murderer will not change the world entirely. Hamlet asks whether the life where people comply with the buffets of fate is worth living. Hamlet wants to maintain resistance. He wants to die rather than live in a world of cruelty, hypocrisy, and deception. Hamlet claims that it is the most desired aim for him. He explains that death may help to escape from reality, but the fear of unknown force people to live and comply with their destiny. They eat humble pie, living in evil. The well-known cruelty and hypocrisy allures them more than the unknown after-death life. Because of this fear, people`s vigor fades and all the attempts to change the world fail. Hamlet considers that the thought about death prevents people from making any important decisions.

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Hamlet faces a dilemma to rebel and fight against Claudius, thus ruining a fool’s paradise of his mother, or bow to the reality, where his father`s murderer marries Gertrude and reigns over the country. The dilemma is unsolvable as by killing Claudius, Hamlet also commits a crime. The murder will not redress an injustice. The monolog addresses Claudius. The king`s reaction to this monolog, confirms Hamlet`s fear, proving Claudius` guilt. Hamlet does not answer his question “to be or not to be” at the end of the monolog. Many factors do not allow him neither “be” nor “not to be”.