Violence Media

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This section notes that a number of studies now show that people who are exposed to violent media – that is, violent video games, movies, and programming – are less likely to help people who are in need and are more likely to be de-sensitized toward violent images. The research showed that when people in studies had repeatedly seen violent images in their forms of media, there was a physical de-sensitizing that took place. This included a lowering of the heart rate. In short, these people were not responding to actual scenes of violence in the way that a normal person might. The researchers concluded that the violent media they had consumed had changed them psychologically because they were numb to the images that they were seeing in real life.

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The strongest thing that this work displays is that watching and consuming violent media has a physiological desensitization effect. It also makes clear that these results are coming from well-conducted, large studies. Rather than just being the opinion of some random sociologist or psychologist, it is clear that this information is the result of multiple studies that were conducted on the effects of consuming violent media on the responses of people to real violent scenes.

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In order to emphasize the important information, the press release uses a few different methods. For one, the phrase physiological desensitization is put into bold. This draws the eyes to the phrase, and it hammers home the seriousness of the problem, as well. In addition, the press release breaks down each individual study into its own new paragraph. This causes the reader to notice that there are multiple studies that provide the information that the release is talking about. It also forces the reader to digest those separate studies in a separate way, adding to the release’s effectiveness.

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