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Why is the Grand Canyon Important?

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When people visit the Grand Canyon, they describe it as very beautiful and breathtaking. Pictures of the grand scenery make it look like a painting, almost unreal yet it is the very essence of nature. The Grand Canyon is vast, and it brings a sense of wonder.

About the Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon is beautiful in every sense of the word. Beautiful things, places, people and nature are incomprehensible, ethereal and transcendent. In this paper, the term beauty will be used to describe one of the Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon. The vastness and colorfulness of the Grand Canyon are perplexing. The Grand Canyon is situated in Northern Arizona. It is famous for its endlessness and vibrant multihued landscapes (Graham, 2013). It stretches out 270 miles long, 18 miles wide and 18 miles deep. The antiquity of the Grand Canyon is illustrated by the canyon’s walls that have rock layers that show a timeline of the earth’s history. Its feature of antiquity is what fills one with a wonder of how an element of nature could have been around for such a long time and is one of the elaborate marks of its beauty (Graham, 2013). It has been an area for human use and livelihood for millennia, with ruins and works of art from its dwellers dating back thousands of years ago (Graham, 2013).

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The Grand Canyon’s exceptional beauty has withstood the test of time. Research shows that it has been in existence for more that 65 million years (Graham, 2013). The Grand Canyon formed more than 70 million years ago when dinosaurs were thought to be roaming the earth. Being in a place that has been existent for such a long time is also another feature of its beauty (Graham, 2013). Various segments of the Grand Canyon developed separately before merging into what tourists see today. Some of the sections of the Grand Canyon are thought to have developed more than 55 million years ago (Graham, 2013).

Why people come to the Grand Canyon
The reasons that people give for visiting the Grand Canyon are often intriguing and touching (Schroeder, 2012). Beautiful things tend to evoke a sense of intrigue in the same way in all people. For most people, it is an item on their bucket list of things to do. Some people exchange their vows or do other memorable things with loved ones for the sake of creating and preserving precious memories. The canyon has a way of impacting people in very deep ways. It can restore one’s spirit and grounds people deep within the core of their beings. Scientists have recently been interested in how a deep sense of awe affects the human’s well-being. It has shown to have plenty of positive effects because a sense of wonder envelopes one with a sense of appreciation, imagination and freedom. The potent effect that the Grand Canyon is capable of having on people makes it all the more beautiful.

The Magnificence of the Grand Canyon
The sense of scale that one experiences at the Grand Canyon is one of the reasons that tourists find the place magnificent (Schroeder, 2012). When one looks at the cosmic colorful landscape of the Grand Canyon from an aerial view, that sense of scale becomes even more powerful as opposed to being on the ground. The colorfulness and vastness are experienced in a different dimension that increases the sense of wonder and appreciation. It is like sweeping over a large life-size painting. It enables one to feel true of their place on the planet and the universe (Schroeder, 2012). Very many people reside in urban areas today because of the demands of life that need to be met- school, work, and occupation. Unfortunately, the commitment that people have towards their daily living takes much of their time, hence disallowing them from knowing what their place in the universe may feel.

Year round enjoyment
Another beautiful thing about the Grand Canyon is that it has something to offer visitors at any time of the year. It is not a seasonal destination. During the winter, one can enjoy a warm beverage around a fire and look for wildlife tracks in the snow. There are opportunities for taking easy drives and seeing the sunrise, which is arguably one of the best experiences that one can have. During the winter, one can bring their skis to discover the Greenway trail (Schroeder, 2012).

During the spring, one can take a bike ride in the Grand Canyon and enjoy the wildflowers along the rim (Schroeder, 2012). People who like hiking can take a day long hike into the deep of the Canyon and discover the trails. In the summer, one can view the breathtaking sunset after a thunderstorm. Summer is also an opportune time to go on a biking tour (Schroeder, 2012). The Grand Canyon holds an annual music festival that is an added great experience to the canyon itself (Schroeder, 2012). In the fall, one can take a hike into the canyon as it is the most popular time to explore the inner canyon (Schroeder, 2012). It is also an opportune time for art lovers to enjoy the Grand Canyon celebration of art (Schroeder, 2012).

Beauty is about the ability to enable a soul rediscover themselves, have a sense of gratitude, awe and happiness. The Grand Canyon offers all these and more. That the Grand Canyon is one of the wonders of the world enhances its beauty. It awakens people to the fact that they are a part of nature and that there is more to life than is popularly stipulated.

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