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Why We Work: Summary

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The United States is to date one of the leading economies in the world owing to its policies and political structures used from the time of its inception. The country takes on a democratic approach to work in that individuals are encouraged to invest in various businesses and maximize on their production. The sole reason for this was to encourage the culture of entrepreneurship by maximizing on the hours, and number of employees with the intention of getting high returns (Curry, 2003).

This concept was contrary to that of the socialist governments which gave the government an immense amount of control with regard to the property and investment rights of the citizens. The United States on the other hand changed the dynamic of work by encouraging large companies which hired a multitude of laborers to complete large scale jobs with the aim of building industries. Through lucrative, the issue had its fair share of issues. One of the justifications for this approach was that people should work to build their country through hard work and high production rates. In turn, the countries rate of development would increase and in turn improve the quality of life of the countries society as a whole (Curry, 2003).

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Despite the positives experienced in this case, a number of people were affected by this strategy. For examples, business owners took advantage of this situation by hiring a large number of employees to complete the required jobs. However, the working conditions and environments were not ideal for the overall wellbeing of the employees. As such, a number of changes were introduced to address the exploitation of workers. One of the ways in which workers protected themselves was through joining unions. Unions are representative of laborers and workers in that they fight for the proper treatment of employees. The organizations define the new concept of work and the essentiality of employee welfare (Curry, 2003).

Critical Thinking Questions
Question One
Fredrick Taylor is responsible for his revolutionist approach to human resource management through the initiation of theories and concepts in scientific management. According to Taylor, an organization, firm or company experiences optimum results when its management and its employees benefit from the business agreement. His theories of scientific management relate to the state of the modern worker because he advocates for the better treatment of employees by employers. Currently, the rights of employees are protected owing to the introduction of laws that advocate for providing a good environment, better working hours, and appropriate salaries. The laws are protected by the constitution and require that the human resource management department monitors the working conditions of employees in order to attain a high level of success (Curry, 2003).

Question Two
Participants in the Silicon Valley culture showcased a new way of working which involved the introduction of efficiency and reliability in business management. Employees started using flowcharts and presentations to organizing family events and functions. This culture was dubbed as the family mission statement and is responsible for the changing the dynamic of family life. Currently, families have incorporated a number of business practices to family functions and family gatherings with the intention of involving the entire family when making decisions. This affects the arrangement because people cannot concentrate on bonding and interaction which in the past was considered an important aspects of socialization (Curry, 2003).
Curry, A. (2003). Why we Work. Chapter 7, (260-264).