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Opportunities for network design are abundant, with many different choices available. The first decision that needs to be made is whether to go with a small or a large firm. There are other considerations such as how far to relocate, and of course, salary and benefit considerations. This research will explore two potential options to begin examining potential career choices.

One of the most common choices is to work for a company that specializes in network design and consulting. Arista, located in Santa Clara, California, is one of the biggest network design firms, and a major competitor of Cisco (Gold, 2015). As of 2015, it had 9.3% of the software driven cloud market and continues to expand (Gold, 2015). They work to build a team that like to work and play together, offering their employees many opportunities for social events with their colleagues (Arista, 2016). They offer many benefits, including flexible work hours, secured bike lockers, and an on-site gym and showers (Arista, 2016). This in an indication that they wish for their employees to have a good work/life balance.

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Cisco an obvious avenue to consider in a career in network design. They can be considered the biggest provider of enterprise networking solutions (Gold, 2015). The advantage of working for Cisco is that there are many different career paths and specialties within the company. One can specialize in big data, hardware engineering, supply chain, cloud, software engineering, and others (Cisco, 2016). This provides for excellent advancement and movement opportunities within the organization. Cisco also offers many fun activities for their employees and considers maintaining a good work/life balance to be essential for growth (Cisco, 2016).

Working for either Arista or Cisco would provide many of the same benefits. They both care about their employees and provide many opportunities for growth. Arista is more specialized in one area, where Cisco operates in many different areas of network design.
Both of these choices offer a stable work environment.

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