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Critical Evaluation Essay

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Several Scientist who are experts in atomic weapons, believe that the use of an atomic bomb on the Japanese should not have been used without the consideration of the consequences. The outcomes of any action must be critically analyzed before the operation was is out. This should be done to prevent the regrets and remorse that may be brought about by a fatal action that is executed without prior consideration of the consequences of the action.

Szilard and the other scientists had enough knowledge about the atomic weapons. This is due to Szilard’s idea that he formulated in the year 1933. He discovered that a neutron-driven fission that involved heavy atoms could form a chain reaction. The chain reaction was able to yield energy for the making of atomic bombs (Szilard 3). This knowledge was triggered by Ernest Rutherford’s writings. In his writing, he explained that power could be generated using protons during the splitting of lithium.

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Szilard and his team also knew that if the secondary neutrons,  produced from a neutron-driven chain reaction, is larger than one, this would lead to multiple reactions which will eventually cause an increase in the total number of reactions exponentially. Szilard and his team also knew that it was possible to cause a reaction using natural uranium. However, this could be made possible by the use of an efficient neutron moderator. With their knowledge that hydrogen atoms in water were able to slow down neutrons, Szilard and his team decided to use a carbon moderator in making the reactor.

In his writing, Szilard explained how the atomic bomb would affect the people. He explained that the nuclear bomb had limitless effects to the people that it would be used against. He stated that the destructive power of the atomic bomb would become worse in the course of future developments in the program. He declared that any nation that would use these new forces of nature against another would be responsible for creating an era of great suffering to the people whose livelihoods will be affected by the great effects of the radiation from the atomic bomb. Szilard showed total concern about what he had created for the human race to destroy each other (Szilard 5).

Szilard brought forth facts that he discovered about the atomic bomb. In his publications, he explained that the use of the atomic bomb in Japan could not be justified. In his letter to the president of the United States, he affirmed that atomic bombs had become the property of the army. This made the president the key decision maker on the use of the bomb because he was the commander in chief of the military (Szilard 21). Szilard also brought forth the issue of other nations adopting the technology and using it against the United States. This is seen today in the cold war between the world’s superpowers that use their advanced nuclear energy to threaten one another (Szilard 24).

In summary, most of the countries today have adopted the technology of the use of atomic power that is in its advanced stages as predicted by Szilard. Although the deadly weapons have not been used since the attack on Hiroshima, the weapons still pose a threat to the existence of mankind. Man has created a way of causing destruction to all that exists on the planet. With more future advancements and increased warfare between nations, it is obvious that these weapons will be used. Although atomic power has revolutionized the world in terms of generation of power, it can cause severe destruction if used for war purposes.

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