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Emotional Intelligence Assessment

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As many scholars and business coaches emphasize the importance of well-developed emotional intelligence along with intellectual abilities it is clear that improving oneself in this sense will yield benefits in the future, especially if one plans on taking a managing role later in life (Morton, 2012). It was very informative and eye-opening to test my emotional intelligence. The results turned out to be somewhat different from what I expected.

Firstly, I scored higher on empathy than I through I would. In communication with others, while recognizing the emotions and feelings experienced by others, I was never sure whether my interpretations of their feelings had been correct. Yet, according to the test results it might be justified to rely on my guesses more often. At the same time, there is of course room for improvement. I suppose, it would not hurt to pick up book on how different emotions are expressed by people just to get a bit stronger theoretical background.

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Secondly, apart from scoring higher on empathy I scored lower than expected on managing interpersonal relationships. Communication and getting along with others has never presented a difficulty for me, and I have thus expected to show a good result on this section. Furthermore, this dimension of emotional intelligence seems to be of crucial importance for managers. This is the reason I feel that it is important to work more on this ability. I plan on doing so by practicing self-awareness, taking better control of my emotional reactions, and consciously questioning the conclusions I draw (Kite & Kay, 2012).

All in all, I have to admit that I did not realize the importance of emotional intelligence before looking into this topic. It seems that many conflicts in the family and in the workplace take place because of the lack of this ability. Thus, developing emotional intelligence should be something schools promote to teach children not just the academics, but essential skills of getting along with others as well.

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