Fatigue Management Plans For Elisabeth

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Apart from other symptoms of cancer and HIV/AIDS infections, fatigue is one of the problems that have subtle, but profound effect on the quality of patients’ lives. Feelings of low energy can prevent one from socializing, exercising, and carrying out the basic daily functions (Ferrel & Coyle, 2010). One of the main principles that should determine how fatigue should be managed is to understand its causes. Fatigue can be minimized, and its frequency can be minimized, reducing its impacts on a patient’s life (Ferrel & Coyle, 2010). Thus, this paper focuses on discussing a sensible plan for Elisabeth, who is infected with HIV/AIDS and breast cancer to spending her energy wisely.

It is likely that Elisabeth complains of fatigue during and after treatment. Additionally, fatigue is caused by the fact that energy is spent fighting the diseases that Elisabeth is suffering from. In this case, Elisabeth should discuss her fatigue with her oncologist and ask about how she should determine its cause. The first thing Elisabeth is expected to do is ration her energy because hers is less compared with other women who are healthy. Prioritizing the activities she spends her energy is key because it is inadequate and that which is available cannot do all of them (Ferrel & Coyle, 2010). Keeping track of her energy levels throughout the chemo cycle is important in planning energetic activities. It is recommended that Elisabeth should not spend all her energy on house chores. In fact, she should ask permission to spend her energy on pleasurable activities that improve her quality of life. For example, she should schedule rest periods instead of waiting until she feels exhausted to rest (Ferrel & Coyle, 2010).

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Elisabeth should ask help with long and arduous chores, such as vacuuming, yard work, and laundry. This is because she does not have adequate energy to do these activities. Notably, Elisabeth should do some household chores when sitting down where possible (Matzo & Sherman, 2014). For example, peeling vegetables or washing up as well as ironing can be done while sitting down. It is significant for Elisabeth to avoid long and hot showers because they will sap her energy and make her feel like crawling into her bed. Besides, Elisabeth can put chairs around the house for her to stop and rest if she needs. Matzo and Sherman (2014) argue that activities, such as walking, yoga, and light weight training are important for cancer-related fatigue.

This is for the reason that exercise reduces the loss of muscle mass, a symptom that is common in such patients. Losing muscle weight implies a loss of strength to do things a patient used to do before he or she was infected (Matzo & Sherman, 2014). In this view, Elisabeth should do exercise every day. Exercise does not only reduce pain, but also acts as a stress reliever. Planning ahead is important not only to patients with cancer and HIV, but to all people (Matzo & Sherman, 2014). In fact, it is central to performing tasks in shorter periods. In this context, Elisabeth should plan ahead where possible to avoid rushing over activities. Apart from doing house activities, it is advisable that Elisabeth should do those that she likes. This is because they will take her mind off cancer and make her feel relaxed. To maintain her energy levels, she should have plenty of nutritious meals and drinks (Matzo & Sherman, 2014). Having them ready implies that she can have them easily and quickly whenever she feels like eating.

Significantly, Elisabeth should keep a record of her energy levels and track of its changes. This will help her to understand if she will be more or less tired than before as well as assist her in identifying the activities that make her feel better or worse.

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