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General Ecology

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Ecology is the study of how the building blocks of life such as amino acids that comprise the basics of microbiological activity interact with the environment and develop into more complex organisms. Ecological assimilation is a function of the underlying ecological cycle that forms the science of Ecology. Assimilation is the ability for microorganisms to develop into more complex organisms and build an amino acid base to eventually form what humans conceive to be intelligent life.

Ecology is a diverse study as the environment is inclusive of organic and inorganic chemistry as well as all possible organic and inorganic material. At the heart of ecology are the elements of life such as carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen. Alternative forms of life known as extremophiles can breathe such elements as nickel, which defines the incredible diversity of the ecology of life on Earth.

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Microorganisms and the species of life that develop from their ecological development have interactions with other microorganisms and species that develop in alternative ecological environments. The people that have lived for generations in the tropics will have a different ecological development than people that have lived for generations in the artic. The population and ecosystem of the environment have led to a community that is referred to an ecological community which defines the contiguous nature of the ecosystem.

Ecology also is the study of changes in the environment. Population changes as well as earth, wind, weather, and water changes all account for ecological variance over time. As the ecology of an environment changes, so do the microorganisms that generate from the environment. As such, a change in the ecology will cause organisms and species to possible die off if unable to adapt to the environment. Once on Earth, one can say Darwinism is palpable.

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