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Impact Of Technology Trends In Real Estate Office Management

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The adoption of technology advancement and trends tends to be a competitive advantage to the real estate office management. There tends to be a problem in positioning one’s real estate office management career, whereby many find it hard to balance between the technological advances and the human needs which can enable the implementation of technology into the already available operations. Technology has changed the way we produce, share, store and organize the way people’s ideas and things flow around the globe. This paper seeks to provide a powerful and thought-provoking evaluation and conclusive analysis of the impact of technological trends on aspects within the real estate office management.

Technological advancement has made the real estate office management an online interactive platform which is connected and has the influence of behavior of the participants. This has been as a result of the use of the social media which has helped quench the information deficiency of the consumers who most often would want up to date information (Pyhrr et al, 2009). This information has always been real time and it has helped improve communication which is vital in real estate office management. However, technology trends have the ability to improve growth in the real estate office management in that it is able to make everyone be associated with commercial real estate.

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Aspects of market listings and the search of prospective clients can be made easier through the embracing of technology trends. This means that it is important to understand how to utilize technology, which is the only tool that can be used by real estate office managers to acquire an immeasurable amount of information and plentiful channels for networking which is usually free (Pyhrr et al, 2009). On the same vein, embracing of mobile devices and applications are of equal importance since it provides convenience and reliability to real estate managers who can have an optimized platform of agents, property owners and tenants on the mobile devices. This means that for one to make it on the real estate business, they need to keep up with the trend. Virtually nobody wants to be the cutting edge, especially the professionals in the real estate office management. Apps are also of importance since they will help property agents to research any databases for market listings and have an upper hand of comparing property values without their physical presence. It is also imperative to understand that these mobile devices and apps are changing everyday because they are developed to cater for the real time consumer needs which are constantly changing.

Technology on its own cannot unlock the economic value of a real estate office management; but through the combination of technology and new ways of conducting business. The future business systems of the real estate office management are of sustainable levels since technology advancement is tending to fill the gaps of distributed co-creation. This means that there is a significant growth in prominence an importance throughout the world owing to the internet giving radical opportunities in harnessing innovation and talent. New products will be created by consumers by the use of latest technology (Pyhrr et al, 2009).

On the same note, most real estate office management have started to incorporate these trends into their business cultures and goals. This will greatly impact the career since it will move it to greater levels by influencing the building patterns which exists, apart from only working on the primaries of new construction. Information is made available to everybody and it comes with all the complexities which are important for the development of knowledge about the real estate career. This is important in creating innovators who will help fine tune the operations of the company. Future managers are able to work well with complex building systems which are often a challenge and an opportunity for them which tend to conflict each other. Through the incorporation of this emerging technology trends, the real estate industry can better manage its operations in the future hence experience growth (O’mara, 2009). These opportunities are available only for the proactive, real estate office management who might have realized these trends or they are in the process of embracing them. This is the only way to re-engineer their future operations by mitigating the force of the challenges and places the organizations in a sustainable success.

The current living is an information society where every activity of consumers is information based (Crane and Mattern 2010). Application of technology has on the recent scenario been seen as a source for unethical business behaviour. The use of technology has enabled real estate office management to collect information about the habits of their consumers and at times their personal information. This tends to encroach on their privacy despite the available legislations by the government that restricts the collecting of personal information. These legislations most often control organizations on how far they can stretch in terms of collecting and storing data. It is important for real estate organizations to consider what appropriate behavior is and that which will entail their ethical business practices expected. On the same strength, personality and business ethics are influenced by technology trends in cases where real estate office management tends to use technology to reach its goals more easily. However, the embracing of such technologies tends to infringe on the personal and business rights and are more unethical (O’mara, 2009). It is important to be aware of these limitations by putting in place laws and regulations which will act as internal policies and limit the unethical behavior. Therefore, before applying technology in real estate office management; it is important to consider if it may harm or be unethical and confine them to what is utterly necessary.

In conclusion, creative drivers of real estate management can exploit the broad field of new technology to craft their business strategies. These trends are always changing and thus making them able to be applied in a variety of challenges. Embracing technology patterns help reshape the organization and markets which are vital in catalyzing the outcome of their activities.

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