Investigating a Social Marketing Issue: Smoking

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Information continues to pour out of laboratories and become published as a result of scientific studies that have been done regarding the physical effects of smoking on the body, especially in light of the fact that more and more individuals in societies around the world are becoming increasingly health conscious. Many countries around the world have become concerned with this matter, passing rules and regulations and working to create public service campaigns and advertisements for the purpose of decreasing the overall prevalence of smoking within their countries, as has been shown in a review of America’s policies and practices regarding smoking, and Australia is no exception. There are a variety of similarities present in the practices utilized in America and Australia to deal with the matter of smoking as a public health concern, but there are a variety of differences present as well; in working to review some of these methodologies, it will be possible to gain a better understanding as to the manner in which such a topic is dealt with on a worldwide basis.

In both countries, PSAs (Public Service Announcements) are utilized as a means of working to increase public awareness of the dangers of smoking for the purposes of reducing the amount of individuals within the country who utilize these narcotics (Lennon & Rentfro, 2010). In both countries, the purchase of cigarettes must be completed by an individual who is at least 18 years old, however, unlike in America, it is not illegal to purchase cigarettes for minors, nor is it illegal for minors to smoke in Australia (Drugs and Alcohol in Australia, 2014).

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Certain areas of the country in America have banned the usage of e-cigarettes indoors, much the same way that smoking was removed from most public establishments, though it is not illegal to smoke them in public, in the privacy of one’s home or vehicle, or to own them (Whitcomb & Gorman, 2014). In Western Australia, however, e-cigarettes are banned in their entirety, with those who attempt to continue to traffic in e-cigarettes and e-cigarette paraphernalia facing the possibility of a raid on their home, the confiscation of all devices, and potential jail time along with a hefty fine (Duff & Corderoy, 2014), in spite of the fact that no scientific studies have shown any negative aspects associated with the use or consumption of e-cigarettes or other associated devices (FDA proposes first e-cigarette rules, including banning sales to minors, 2014).

Smoking of cigarettes is still legal within both countries, though the rules and regulations associated with the smoking of e-cigarettes and cigarettes alike are getting more detailed over time, with both countries being concerned about the overall health of their populations. The curious fact is the manner in which each of the different countries works to address the matter, the variations in the laws that are put into place, and their methods of enforcement. The desire, in the case of both countries, is to work to temper the negative effects on the overall population of individuals within both countries while working at the same time to ensure that there are no true infringements on the rights of the individuals themselves. In each instance of a given rule or regulation, there is an alternative open to individuals who do not wish to act in a manner simply because someone else states that it is for their own good.

In both countries, the number of smokers continues to shrink over time, and it is anticipated that as time goes on, the numbers will continue to drop, offering a unique perspective on the world and the topic itself, one that has not been seen in hundreds of years.

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