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MBA Admission Essays

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Question 1: Why do you want to attend LMU for graduate coursework in business and how will this help you in the future?

Answer 1. Graduate education is one of the most important investments in one’s future and I wanted to choose a school that will not only provide me world-class education but will also prepare me for long term professional success. LMU appeals to me because the curriculum strikes a delicate balance between in-class learning and real world experience. The students are able to practice theories through internship at one of the several leading local and global corporations that are part of LMU’s strong professional network. In addition, LMU also allows students to interact with industry leader and other visionaries. This ensures that students are in touch with the changes in the real world and are in a strong position to start their career upon graduation.

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I am also attracted to the fact that graduate program’s student body comes from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds which will help me expand my perspectives and thinking horizon. It is difficult to imagine an industry that has not been affected by globalization, thus, it will a valuable learning experience to interact with fellow students.

I am not oblivious to the fact that corporate ethics has emerged as an important issue over the last decade and I like the fact that LMU takes the character development of its students seriously. The competition has been growing and there are severe pressures at times to engage in unethical conduct for personal gain, thus, it is important for schools to focus on their character development of their students. LMU realizes this and it only adds to the school’s appeal to me.

Question 2: How would you describe yourself? Make sure to include two areas of strength and two areas you seek to improve.
Answer 2. There are many historical personalities, both dead and alive, that I admire and I have reached the conclusion that one of the major keys to their successes was the fact they were aware of their personal strengths and weaknesses. If I were to describe myself, one of my strongest traits is curiosity which may be why I love learning and have an open mind. I believe one should continue to engage in learning and this is especially true in today’s rapidly changing world. Even though one should invest heavily in his course of study or profession, I also believe in learning in other subject matters even if they may not have direct academic or professional relevance for us. This is because we live in a complex world and little knowledge in different areas help us make better sense of the world we live in. Another strength of mine is communication which may be due to my focus on listening skills. I believe communication is important in both personal and professional lives and it also affects our other skills such as leadership and teamwork.

There are also areas in which I would like to improve myself. Sometimes I take more responsibilities than I can handle which leads to performance sacrifice in some areas. I need to realize that I have limitations and should only take as much as I can do well. By taking on more responsibilities than I can handle in trying to prove myself, I only increase the risk of failure. Another area in which I would like to improve myself is work-life balance. I am proud of my strong work ethics but I have noticed that exhaustion and pressure negatively affects performance. Thus, I need to take more time for myself away from work in order to maintain my productivity.