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Recognizing the strong competition in the finance industry, it is critical to acknowledge one’s own strengths and challenges. Most individuals are more readily willing to admit their strengths than to voice the challenges that may hinder them in achieving their goals. For myself, I feel that my strengths are in...

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I believe that most people, either as customers or as providers of goods and services, tend to think of business only as a practical function supplying practical needs. Customers buy to gain what they want and business managers, and owners, are enabled to live through attending to those needs and...

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My love for business did not start yesterday. It began a long time ago. It is a crucial field, given the important role that it plays in any economy. My love and interest in it revolve around my family and my desire to make a difference both domestically and internationally....

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Joining the Honors College has always been my dream, and that I why I wish to apply for a vacancy in your reputable learning institution. Your institution shall mold me to become the physician I have always dreamt of, and then serve my community. In pursuit of my dreams, I...

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One theory or model I could use to explain a significant physical activity I experienced is Achievement Goal Theory. Achievement goal theory occurs when a person’s achievement goals, perceived ability, and achievement behavior combine to their ultimate advantage (Weinberg & Gould, 2010). When it comes to this theory, it is...

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My name is Tiffany _______________ and I am absolutely thrilled to be writing this essay for inclusion in the National Honor Society at St. Joseph’s High School. I have looked forward to this day since I was in middle school for it is a membership I have long aspired to...

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In development of the app for an autonomous electric car, the GPS play a major role. Over the past decade, the application of GPS has tremendously increased. This means that it will be easily incorporated into our app. Another benefit will be the fact that many mobile phone users are...

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I am applying for the Minnesota State University Moorhead Upper Class/Transfer Honors Apprentice Scholarship because of the opportunity it will provide me for working under the tutelage of a renowned faculty member. Since my major is film production, I would want to work in conjunction with one of our esteemed...

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I believe that a good education is an important factor in being a productive citizen as well as achieving fulfillment and happiness in life. Education enables people explore their talents; it provides both the foundation and medium in which talents can be developed to their fullest. Acquiring higher education is...

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There is a saying that “Diversity is the art of thinking independently together”. I agree with this because it is different when you play, learn, interact or work with someone you do not usually share a common culture with. I was born in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. I...

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The college experience at Colorado University provides students with a tremendous amount of opportunity. While the Film Studies program exposes students to some of the brightest minds in academia, the university itself is also a place that fosters cooperation and involvement. As a student, I would contribute to the diversity...

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When I tell people that I’m a middle child, their reactions can range from pity to sympathy. Many people believe that it’s very unfortunate to be a middle child because you’re relatively neglected by your parents and ignored by your siblings. That was not my experience at all; although my...

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Question 1: Why do you want to attend LMU for graduate coursework in business and how will this help you in the future? Answer 1. Graduate education is one of the most important investments in one’s future and I wanted to choose a school that will not only provide me...

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From the time that I was seven years old, I have been a self-starter, motivated by the desire to perform tasks in new ways and to bring a creative edge to everything that I do. When my family had yard sales, I suggested that we also offer drinks and foods...

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Rain pounds to the ground from stormy clouds high above me, and the raindrops fall down my forehead and into my eyes. I note how chilly it is with a shiver. I have goosebumps on my arms, my hands and toes are numb, and my breath is visible, which makes...

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When I was ten years old, my mother was diagnosed with diabetes. This was a life changing event that impacted our entire family. I watched as my mother adapted to a new lifestyle that included exercise, dietary changes, and insulin shots. I vowed at that point to do all that...

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I became interested in fashion early because I found my style icon in my mom who has immaculate sense of style. My mom told me she had to especially buy magazines to stay in touch with the latest fashion trends, thus, in this regard my generation is quite lucky for...

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I am from Saudi Arabia where religion is a major force in the society. It should not be a surprise given the fact that Saudi Arabia is considered the Global Center of Islam. I am proud to be a Muslim but I believe the religion has been hijacked by the...

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Traveling overseas has always been of interest to me. After studying Spanish the previous semester, I have decided that traveling to Japan for a semester abroad is a wonderful opportunity to apply my knowledge of what I’ve learned. The exposure to the European Spanish culture is the ideal situation since...

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Social work has always appealed to me because of my wish to positively influence the lives of people I meet especially those that are disadvantaged positively and to try to get them into a situation superior than where they were initially. Since studying social work, will help me understand what...

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1. I have decided to major in the biological sciences. I have chosen this field because I am drawn to the seemingly infinite variety of life. The ways in which humans, animals, and all forms of life develop, evolve, and thrive in their contexts and even adapt to new challenges...

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In the PsyD program in Clinical Psychology, I hope to sharpen my focus on overall mental health, with a particular focus in couples, family, and child psychology. Though we often understand mental health challenges through the darkest of lenses, viewing extreme and debilitating mental illness, there exists another sub-set of...

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I am writing this essay because of the invitation to express the way that my cultural identity has provided an important foundation for my personal development. I am hoping that my story will help create an understanding of how my goals have been formed. I am a practicing Muslim, a...

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My desire and enthusiasm to advance my education in Occupational Therapy has grown over the years. Acquiring an admission for Master of Occupational Therapy in your institution will be a great accomplishment towards attaining my professional goals. My aspirations have been motivated by my professional and academic proficiency in occupational...

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The Secret to Writing a Great College Application Essay

Are you thinking of joining college to further your career? One of the things you must do before getting admitted is writing a college admission essay. Many students indicate that this is the most challenging thing for them. In this post, we reveal the secret of crafting the best college admission letter.

College Application Essay Definition

A college entrance letter is a form of an essay that provides a student’s personal statement and his/her vision to the college admission committee. The essay contains student’s learning purpose, the objective of joining the college, and the anticipated achievement when they finally complete their studies.

The primary goal of application essays is to demonstrate the motivation of a learner applying for a course, and showcasing that he/she is a worthy student. Well, it is true that grades and other attributes are important, but a well-written admission essay could thrust you well ahead of others. It is your one time chance to impress.

Writing a Great College Application Essay

Now that you know what an admission letter is, how do you craft it? A college admission letter is, in many cases, about 500 words, and those words could be the defining moment between admission and rejection. To hack it like a pro, here is the best structure and expert tips to guide you.

The Best Structure for Application Essays

Notably, there is no specific format for writing an admission essay to college. Indeed most admission boards will check at the format to gauge how organized you are. So, here is a good structure that you should consider.

  • Introduction: This is the first part of the admission essay, and you should use it to introduce yourself or the topic of focus in the essay. Like in a conventional essay, you should use the introduction to grab the attention of the reader and make him/her want to read more and know you.
  • Body: The body of the essay is what requires the bulk of your effort and time. It is important to ensure the body relates well with your topic and make it worth reading. Here, you have the opportunity to demonstrate that your thoughts are useful and support them with facts from your life. Think of personal challenges, failures, and a history of success. But you must be extra careful only to include the most relevant info.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion of the admission essay provides you with one last opportunity to prove that you really deserve to get that slot into the college of your dream. You might want to check a few college application essay examples to see how experts wrote them.

Special Tips for Writing the Best College Application Essays

The advice that most admission boards give students when writing their college admission letters can be summarized in one statement: “be yourself.” Here are additional tips to help you craft the best college admission essays.

  • Read the instructions and follow them carefully.
  • Select a topic that will highlight you.
  • Make sure to keep the focus of your essay as narrow as possible.
  • Use your own voice when writing your essay.
  • Avoid clichés to simply meet the word count.
  • Take time to read other accepted college admission essay samples.

Seek Help Writing Your College Admission Essay

Following the above guide, you should now be able to craft a good applications essay, right? But we understand the need to perfect the admission letter because the opportunity you are seeking is paramount to success in your life. So, if you find it challenging, even with good college application essay examples, you should consider seeking help from professionals such as They have all the experience on how to write a college application essay, and are committed to helping you craft that college entrance essay that will get accepted in the first attempt.

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