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Pest Resistance

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The spread of genetically modified organisms has been on the tip of the tongue in today’s the world. The gross of a human population causes the search for alternatives to food supplies. Thus, GMOs contribute to the widespread solution of this issue. Lately, there have been plenty of scientific and media discussions on the negative effects of the GMOs. However, my classmate, I would point out to a different flip side of the coin. There are certain positive effects from the GMOs use, such as pest resistance and disease resistance among the plants. As you may know, I have already developed memes that concern the issue mentioned above. Thus, here I would focus on the practical benefits for a plant from GMOs.

Let’s think of the farmers. Every single year they use tons of chemical pesticides. Apparently, customers would not like to consume food that contains them due to threats of diseases. Also, run-offs from agricultural waste in turn contaminate water, which can cause a lot of harm to the environment. I believe that no average consumer would find it a good idea to disrespect the nature as well as cause the harm to your health. Thus, GMOs would resolve the issue. With the use of GMOs, farmers can grow food where chemical pesticides will be eliminated. Also, the cost of food from the farm to the market would be cheaper, too.

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Also, let’s try to understand the environment of the plant. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, over 40 plants have met the requirements for commercialization. While growing, it faces numerous threats such as viruses and bacteria that are harmful, and the outcomes of the products are not likely to appear healthy. In this case, GMOs use is also beneficial as they cause the resistance effect of these viruses and bacteria.

Governments in different countries use various approaches in regards to GMOs. In certain states, as Brazil, GM food is banned from the market, whereas in Japan there is a mandatory testing of GM foods. A different climate is spread in Europe where the regulatory measures are especially anti GM foods. In the US the situation varies, as the jurisdiction towards GM foods has to go through three different government agencies. At least, here are allowed to eat the GM food. Herewith, I hope you are aware of the value of being able to consume the GM products.

So, my dear fellow, there are certain benefits while using GMOs. We will think of the Earth’s population and food supply for everyone as well as of farmers who provide food for us. And finally, plants will benefit as they will grow in a healthier environment.

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