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Quality Management: Project Integration

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Provision of quality denotes success even in project management defined by aspects such as quality planning, assurance and control, in relation to achievement of set project goals and objectives. Quality planning means that formulation of a good plan that sets out project implementation and maintenance of quality standards must be done, providing a blueprint that ensures quality is checked, maintained or re-established throughout the project. Quality assurance basically enables project teams to assess project progress through varied metrics which serve to identify errors and initiate remedial actions towards achievement of project quality objectives.

Quality control denotes application of varied tools and techniques in a bid to ensure quality standards are maintained especially through identification, correction and mitigation of errors and risks, which may lead to unexpected, potentially negative outcomes. From a computer and information systems security integration standpoint, application of these three major aspects incorporates what Basu (2013) acknowledges as value for money, timely delivery, inclusion of all stakeholders and meeting end-user expectations.

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The 21st century has been regarded as increasingly turning into a globalized information society where the importance of information and knowledge cannot be emphasized enough, even though varied measures and tools are instituted to regulate the field of information technology. Regulation, especially in relation to a firm’s finance department where information systems (IS) aid in overall internal financial control involving various financial statements and associated records safekeeping, is important. Lane (2011) believes that regulations may prevent scandals such as Enron’s, among others, even though compliance with regulations such as the cited Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 presents more challenges in IS project integration.

This is because creation of more clauses in regulations or even enacting new regulations calls for continuous project integration so that project outcomes reflect important changes that may enhance overall project quality. The relationship that exists between adherence and successful project integration therefore is defined by potential increases in costs and time, as the project team gets inundated by implementation of necessary new changes that must be assimilated during project integration.

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