Success of Apple’s iWatch May Rely on Health Care Partnerships

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The article entitled, “Success of Apple’s iWatch May Rely on Health Care Partnerships” written by Brian X. Chen featured on the 7th September 2014 on the New York Times explores the impacts that Apple’s latest development the “iWatch” will gain competitive edge in the Technology market by venturing in the healthcare sector. The article indicates that Apple’s iWatch faces competition from Samsung, LG and Motorola. The release must therefore gain competitive advantage in the market so that it can succeed in the health industry. The Apple’s iWatch according to Chen’s article seeks to venture in industries that earlier smartwatch releases by Samsung, Motorolla and LG failed to capture, that is, the health industry. The article explores the strengths, and weaknesses that the new release will encounter in the market and how to counter them.

Chen indicates that the marketing strategy that was used by Apple in marketing for selling of music in the iTunes in the music industry, could be explored in the marketing the iWatch to the health industry. The analysts believe that the health monitoring feature in the iWatch will be of great interest to the players in the health industry. The article indicates that constant negotiation between the Apple and partners in the health industry will help in enhancing positive reception of the health monitoring product (Chen para. 6). The article suggests that the iWatch will be a “high-end fashion watch” that will be of satisfy diversified partner’s needs. For instance, apart from the watch helping in the marking of wireless payments, carrying out tasks related to mobile computing, and tracking of fitness statistics, it will also meet the fashion needs of the target market.

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The article also explores the strengths exhibited by the product through the expertise involved in the production of the iWatch. It indicates that the engineers and the top designers involved in the creation of the product have good reputation since they had earlier been involved in the production of products like Macs, iPad, and iPhone. The article also indicates that there was adequate supervision given in the creation of the product and involvement of key players like Jeff Williams, Jonathan Ive, Kevin Lynch, Jay Blahnik, and Michael O’Reilly. The article also indicates that Apple has competitive advantage because they design both the software and the hardware of its products for instance, the battery life, smarter sensors, and chip design.

The article also outlines the potential weaknesses that the iWatch will face in the market relating to the privacy concerns in the healthcare industry. Mr. McAndrew indicates that Apple must devise ways of curbing privacy loopholes that might be experienced through the use of the product. The privacy issues are handled through among other ways, prohibiting iCloud storage.

  • Chen, Brian X. “Success of Apple’s iWatch May Rely on Health Care Partnerships.”The New York Times, 7th September 2014.

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