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Technology Strengths And Weaknesses

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Working in my school requires a great deal of experience with technological advances in order to enhance classroom learning. One of my most significant strengths in the area of technology is that I appear to have a natural aptitude to navigate all types of devices without much instruction. Because there are so many online learning and educational practice methods available, I have a very easy time understanding how to implement and use this technology in order to provide my students with a more complete classroom experience. In addition, my familiarity and ability with the use of these devices is a strength in my ability to help students and even other instructors learn to use these instruments so that they will also be able to apply this knowledge to their teaching skill set.

One weakness that I have regarding technology is that I tend to be drawn to programs and applications with which I am already familiar, because it simply saves a great deal of time to rely on technology that complements the skills that I have already developed in their use. This makes me a bit reluctant at times to consider using other, possibly more innovative new technological advances because I know that it will be time consuming to learn how to use tools that are so different from those that I am already using. I can address this area by setting goals to learn something new in the field of technology–on a regular basis, for example once a month–that I can apply to my classroom instruction.

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In addition, there are so many workshops and in-service opportunities for me to learn about other technologies that are relevant to education that it would benefit me if I also made a habit of seeking out such additional knowledge. Who knows? I might find that technology of which I am currently aware may be more efficient and user-friendly than the instruments that I am already using. I certainly could benefit by overcoming my avoidance of technology that goes beyond what I’m already using.