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A Trend In Strategic Management In The Public Sector

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New public management and governance structures have influenced the way in which the public sector functioned in the past several decades. Research indicates that strategic management has turned out an essential tool for public managers to create value for their organizations (Berry & Wechsler, 1995). The complex business world obviously requires the implementation of more sophisticated methods of managing resources in the public sector, which should be properly developed to address the needs of all stakeholders. Approaches that adhere to the strategic management cycle can deliver adequate results in the long term. Yet an important trend emerging in the public sector refers to the implementation of a dynamic approach, with a focus on regularly conducted tactical shifts and solutions based on flexibility (Bryson, Berry, & Yang, 2010). Thus, the use of a strategic triangle with three major management dimensions has become a flexible practice in the public sector.

Due to the extensive complexity of various social problems, individuals and organizations demonstrate their concerns of receiving high quality service in the public sector. There is a trend in strategic management in the public sector of perceiving citizens as partners considering the contribution individuals can provide to different social causes (Bryson, Berry, & Yang, 2010). This also encourages the acceleration of social change, which is initiated through the proper definition and analysis of emerging problems in society.

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The exploration of those specific characteristics of the public sector that are in relation to strategic management is important. Thus, it has become essential to explore the exact manner in which aspects from the public sector are perceived by different stakeholders. Researchers apparently differentiate public organizations from private ones because leaders’ main idea is to address certain environmental factors that shape the environment of strategic management in the public sector (Poister, Pitts, & Edwards, 2010). The influence of the political level should not be ignored because it sets the basis of strategic management initiatives in the respective sector.

According to researchers, organizations aim at providing a clear strategy with properly defined objectives to be attained in both the short term and long term (Bryson, Berry, & Yang, 2010). The three management dimensions that have been mentioned in relation to trends in strategic management refer to political dimensions, cooperation and operations. A focus on political dimensions reveals that political support is fundamental for the successful completion of various projects in the public sector. The aspect of ongoing cooperation also has appeared quite important. The dimension of operations indicates the relevance of efficiency and effectiveness. For managers working in the public sector, it has become essential to improve their daily tasks and processes (Poister, Pitts, & Edwards, 2010). As a result, public managers are concerned with the implementation of an appropriate strategy as well as with creating value for society as a whole. The underlying idea in this case is to remain as objective and transparent as possible.

Organizations operating in the public sector are concentrated on achieving increased flexibility and services of high quality, as this would attract a greater number of customers. Initiating a process of tactical adjustments is an integral part of strategic management, which is properly designed for the public sector (Bryson, Berry, & Yang, 2010). Researchers recommend the utility to rely on the capacity of innovation and building international cooperation (Berry & Wechsler, 1995). It is essential to establish the basis of quality management and process optimization in organizations operating in the public sector. It should be recognized that there are organizations that are solely concerned with experimentation and minimizing risk within the organizational context.

The dimensions of the strategic management triangle appear interdependent. Organizations from the public sector are expected to notify and convince the ministry regarding their intention to initiate new forms of cooperation. This means that certain operations within those organizations may significantly change over time (Bryson, Berry, & Yang, 2010). Such forms of operations naturally attract an extensive number of individuals, thereby various partnerships may be formed over the course of presenting the positive impact of strategic management on the functioning of the public sector. Strategic management is a progressively developing concept that enables public organizations to perform better by following clearly defined strategic objectives.

However, it should be noted that the primary dimension of the triangle of strategic management is focused on the impact of formulating a proper strategy that can be used in the public sector. In addition, the formulated strategy should be adequately implemented and adapted to the specific needs of organizations in this sector (Brown, 2010).

The formulation of strategic vision by public organizations is supposedly their greatest asset. It has been recommended that proper strategic management initiatives should be regularly implemented and adapted in the public sector. This may lead to greater flexibility and transparency of strategic management operations (Poister, Pitts, & Edwards, 2010). Public organizations are expected to conform to the strategic management line of dynamics and consensus. Therefore, it can be concluded that the process of establishing internal and external partnerships within public organizations is a significant element of strategic management (Brown, 2010). The use of the strategic triangle facilitates a process of value creation for organizations functioning in the public sector.

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