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Article About Internet

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The time frame of the article is on April 26th, 2018. The geographical location of the article is in the U.SA. The socio-cultural setting is technology users of the internet.

The article provides information on the current challenges associated with using the internet. In particular, the writer of the article does well to identify that while the internet is a useful resource, there are still various challenges associated with using such a resource. More so, the article does well to identify the fact the internet, and especially platforms such as social media are increasingly playing an essential role in modern day society. We also learn that the internet is also providing one of the best e-commerce platforms for shoppers and business from all over the world to interact. Furthermore, the internet also offers instant access to information resources and tools such as the Google Translator are helping us to transcend language barriers in many ways (Gillespie, 2018).

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That said, the article also does well to show that the conventional social problems that affect society are also evolving on the internet as a social platform. For instance, social media has been used to organize marches against gay rights and the internet has failed to topple malicious regimes such as the Iranian government (Pătruţ & Pătruţ, 2014). Other factors include the fact that the internet is affecting aspects such as international news, only that we have control over the internet’s ability to influence news. Besides that, when it comes to social factors, geographical factors still matter and much has to be said about the internet`s ability to bring different cultures closer.

In summary, the reading did well to identify the emerging challenges surrounding the internet as a modern-day resource. The reading has done well to identify the issues relating the internet to political participation, international news, political participation, and in making governments accountable for their actions. The article has changed my perspective on the internet especially with regard to holding government accountable and boosting political participation.

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