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Designing with Technologies

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There are many different ways that designing with technologies has proven beneficial to society, from the use of drawing designs to the use of simulation software, advances in technology have served to provide solutions that are not only more efficient, but also work to allow a more accurate rendition of various items.

Drawing design programs, such as AutoCAD serve as a means of being able to create building plans that not only allow for the quick and easy change of various aspects without the long process of redrawing, but also serve as a means of being able to quickly adjust scale.

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Simulation software, using conceptual design combined with technology allows for a wide range of applications as well. Through the use of short range RFID, or radio frequency identification, a conceptualization for a new missile that could be put to use by the military may be generated, for example.

There are not simply architectural or military applications for designing with technologies; these are things that teachers may use in the everyday classroom. Examples of different design technologies that may be used in a teacher’s classroom include the 3D modeling of geometric shapes, serving to allow students to not only manipulate and explore the properties of the shapes, but also work to be able to solve various equations related to those shapes. Another application may be utilizing 3D modeling in order to illustrate word problems and their solutions, working to address more complicated and more complex problems.

The field of designing with technologies has many different applications and uses across a wide range of fields, and through the proper use and application of these technologies, the world becomes even more open.