Samples Employment Discussion Board #4 Thread – Employment Process

Discussion Board #4 Thread – Employment Process

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The human resources management function is tasked with the unique challenge of finding employees to fill vacant positions in a highly technological world that has normalized the use of the Internet and social media in the recruitment, hiring and even training and retention processes. As stated by Sander & Sloka (2016), the HRM function has to “react on technological and social changes” as we move toward an increasingly technology-reliant world. When looking for new hires, social networking platforms and sites server as useful sources of information and has become a popular new recruiting method in order to find people for a position.

The recruiting process for jobs has taken on a new form, yet its intentions should remain the same—finding the best fit for an organization. No matter where job candidates come from, be it an online posting or a recruiter or an advertisement, choosing the wrong applicant could bring about great loss for a company, which is why it is necessary to have the right frame of mind in looking for employees.

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Trust is necessary, and while not the same as faith, God encourages that we do all that we can while simultaneously placing our trust in Him. The Bible says in several verses that his word is trustworthy, especially in Proverbs 3:5, where we are to “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding,” meaning that we can only put our trust in the ultimate Provider and leave things that are not in our control in His hands, where he will arrange them for the best interests at hand, even an organization. Even if the candidate is not the best choice in the end, it is necessary to trust the Lord and trust the process that an organization will eventually be led to the right person for the job—or create that person.

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