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How to Fix a Broken Phone

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A mobile phone is one of the electronic devices that are used extensively across the world. However, the device is fragile, and if not handled with care, it can easily break. We should not refer all our broken phones to the technicians for fixing. Sometimes we need to take the responsibility and fix them by ourselves. Therefore, it is necessary to understand all the detailed procedures and steps of how to fix a broken phone.

Replacing a broken screen
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Step 1- Disassembling the phone
Place your phone in a dry working desk free from dust. Gently remove the back cover of your mobile phone. Take out the battery, your SIM card as well as the phone’s memory card and put them aside. Heat the sticker of the screen gently with a heat content of utmost 80 degrees Celsius. In cases where the sticker can be easily removed, you should simply take it out without heating. Heating should be performed in a careful manner to prevent the phone from getting destroyed.

Step 2- Cutting the LCD screen
After heating, cut the adhesive sticker of the LCD screen in a gentle and careful manner. Ensure that you have not tempered with the neighboring parts of the phone in the area around the screen. Once you have cut until the bottom part of the phone, ensure that you are careful not to cut the buttons of the menu. Additionally, ensure that the flex of the back remains safe. You should always countercheck the extension of the cut to avoid possible accidents.

Step 3- Separating the screen
There is a strong adhesive force in the middle parts of the phone. Carefully insert a spudger towards the central areas of the phone. Take all the necessary precautions to ensure that you do not make any damages. Once you have pushed the spudger until a copper insulation has been realized, perform your separation gently. Take note not to apply a lot of force. If the adhesive is still strong, you can still push the spudger further before you begin to separate.

Step 4- Observation
Make careful observation on the adhesive line to ascertain the position where you will insert your spudger. If there is a wider surface covered by adhesive, you should probably push the spurdger further inwards. Otherwise, insert it shallowly. However, to avoid damaging the neighboring parts, observe the lining of the adhesive and chose to operate from the wider part.

Step 5- Fastening the LCD screen
While cutting through, ensure that the LCD screen flex is not destroyed. You may decide to leave the upper part of the screen intact if you are operating on unbroken screen to avoid posing damage to the screen flex. Otherwise, the precaution is unnecessary if the screen is broken. Also, try to be gentle and careful with the bottom side of the screen to avoid damaging the soft keys. Carefully place your LCD screen in place and hold it together using the original adhesive. In case the adhesive has become weak, fasten your LCD screen together using a tape. A 3M double side tape will be more preferable for fastening. The sticker of the LCD screen will offer extra strength in fastening your work together.

Step 6- For a broken screen
Gently remove the LCD screen connector film as well as the touch sensor film of the S pen. You can use an internal display manual for your phone if you cannot easily identify them. Take precaution not to temper with anything else.

Step 7- Removing the LCD screen
After removing the both the S pen sensitivity film and the screen connector film, you can finally remove your broken screen.

Step 8- Replacing the broken screen
To replace the screen and reassemble your phone back in order, follow the instructions above beginning from step 7 back to step 1.

Through the above procedures, it is clearer that fixing our phones can be a simple task to undertake. Furthermore, fixing our phones is much more affordable compared to the purchase of new mobile phone devices.

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