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Introduction to Engineering Summary

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Bruce Savage is a Ph.D., P.E, and Associate Professor and Chairman at Idaho State University. Mr. Savage worked put an extensive presentation “Opportunities in Civil Engineering.” His presentation intertwines knowledge, insights, fascination, and humor in order to cover a chosen topic.

The author logically goes through the most important issues that the audience might be interested in regarding engineering. He leads in by tracking the first signs of engineering aspirations in the childhood and what it actually means to be an engineer.

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Savage supports the idea of importance of civil engineering through the prism on civilization and its development, showing pyramids and towers from ancient time till present days.

Next stage of the presentation is the present context. Civil engineering serves the needs of society by building infrastructure in the abundance of its forms: highways, air facilities, buildings, bridges, etc. The author presents the range of disciplines and backs every discipline with catchy examples. For water resources engineering, he chose various functioning projects and Venice as the example of a problem and the way engineering is able to solve it.

This career requires scrutiny in every aspect of designing and constructing. To present the responsibility that the construction process has in terms of civil engineering, Chinese fallen apartment shows the failure of the project in detail. To show the magnificent power of civil engineering, Savage tells the history of Boston bridge and makes substantial place for the tallest bridge in the world in Millay, France. A dozen of full-size pictures presents various stages of construction. The on-site views fascinate the audience with the boundless potential of human imagination when applied to civil engineering.

Having finished the main part of the presentation on this amazing note, the presentation comes to the summary. The author once again names the disciplines as the faces of civil engineering where the talent can reach the potential. Bullet points recap the main material to cement crucial information. To persuade the audience that civil engineering has vast opportunities, the author repeats the financial potential of the area.

The humor incorporated into the delivery logically finishes parts of the presentation and successfully holds the attention from the first slide to the last one. The style of presentation is a visual portrayal of the potential of civil engineering. The author finishes the presentation with the question, while every person has enough information to answer it.