Marketing Plan for Blue Sky

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Blue Sky is a company that produces and markets custom-made casual wear for customers who love being outdoors. Their products are tailor made for those who love participating in outdoor activities.

Target market
Blue Sky’s target market is young people who are very active especially between the ages of 25 and 45. Persons between this age brackets tend to engage in outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing, surfing, skating, horse riding, kayaking and other fun activities. They may not be excellent at such activities but they do enjoy going out and engaging in them and need appropriate wear to partake in them. (Boone/Kurtz, 2012)

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They represent a demographic group of people who are prosperous and learned. Most of them are married with families but a few are single. They are also financially stable with good incomes to back them up. Despite this, they are price conscious and insist on value for the purchases they make.
(Boone/Kurtz, 2012) They relate themselves to status but don’t overdo it. They also love to being connected to high-quality products but they are not willing to part with premium prices for certain brands. These are important characteristics about their customers that helps the organization understand properly its clientele and to produce wear that satisfies their needs.

Product Mix for this Group
Blue Sky provides them with high-quality garb items. This include T-shirts, fleece vests and baseball caps. The company also has a slogan “Go Play outside”. (Boone/Kurtz, 2012). Their customers also like specific colors and the company employs this by giving these colors names like cactus green and river rock gray. Over the subsequent 5 years it also hopes to introduce customized clothing. Individual customers will now be able to have their logos put on their clothing. They will also be able to add slogans to such logos. This will bring a fresh test to the concept and increase the quantity of customers who would love to actualize their creativity. The sturdiest part of this marketing mix comprises of sales promotions, public relations and participating in activities their customers engage in. (Boone/Kurtz, 2012)
This sales promotion creates awareness and therefore enables the customer to get the product they specifically need without necessarily moving around everywhere looking for the specific product they want. This saves on their energy and time.

  • Boone/Kurtz. (2012). Contemporary Marketing. Cengage Learning.

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