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My Education And Career

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Education has been very important in my development because it has formed a good foundation for my career. I am a registered nurse who graduated from Suffolk Community College, in 2013 with an Applied Science Degree, and I am currently working toward my baccalaureate degree. I worked as an LPN at the Medford Multicare Center long-term care facility for six years. Recently, I have been in the vent unit in the last five months together with other RN experts.

My practical sessions have thought me various lessons. I have a strong desire to provide high-quality medical services to the people. This is because I have a strong desire in ensuring that the health services are acceptable in the society. I believe if given the chance to advance my education and practice, I can be the best nurse practitioner in the world because of my desire to help others in providing medical services and attention to other people. Studying nursing has equipped me with deep understanding of the best way to provide medical assistance. Working as an expert in the critical care section can be challenging but also rewarding. This is because of the exposure to some tricky situations that require the use of various skills. Most of the residents in the vent unit do not walk out of there, and that is the way of life. As nurses, we understand it we are always committed to our duties. The family is a whole different issue, and there has to be a balance between the activities that require sharing ideas.

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I like following set plans for my medical duties. Through this, I am able to meet the required dealines. This is the reason as to why I am determined towards achieving my future educational and professional projects within very strict plans that are also under the guidelines provided. For instance, for the clinical completion I signed on for basic EKG on April 24th -April 26th, 2015 are very serious. This schedule is awarded 30 hours. Completing this within the directed time frame will increase the level of my confidence and awareness because it is a sense of satisfaction. The dedication of these hours toward professional development is also assessed through my ability to meet the deadlines as part of my career obligations and duties. I am very eager towards meeting these working projects outlined in the guideline controlling the completion of the clinical actions.

My clinical project is also worth some hours. I am trying to sign to live conference with attendance. I am still working on my clinical hours. I have always been committed to ensuring that my level of expertise is very high through the projects that I have to achieve within very strict deadlines. The timeline for the completion of the clinical project depends on various factors that may also be subjected to some changes. Therefore, the final outline for the clinical hours is yet to be confirmed but I am seriously working on the clinical hours. The clinical hours of operation depend on various factors, and that is the reason as to why there is always a big challenge in creating a fixed timeline of operation in advance.

I have also registered for various seminars to keep me updated on the activities happening in my profession. On February 28, 2015 as from 8AM to 4 PM, I attend a seminar on Strategies for Patient Safety and Prevention through resolution. On March 24 from 8AM to 4PM, I will attend a seminar on Nursing Documentation which will cover on Reimbursement, Audit, Informatics and Litigation. Finally, on April 9, 2015 from 8AM to 4PM, I will attend Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy. On April 14 2015, I will attend a seminar on Mastering Lab Interpretation & the Implications for Patient Care.

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