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My Personal And Career Goals

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I am currently doing web design and networking as a private consultant. One of my short-term goals is to gain the experience in the field in order to become competitive in the field. I also aim to improve my academic qualifications in my field of practice in order to gain both the technical and the management skills. These will help me attain a number of my long-term goals that include: taking a managerial position in a reputable organization, developing my own industry, and being an academic expert in web design. One thing that satisfies me in my creative process is my ability to apply theoretical knowledge in an innovative manner. The ability reflects my professional goals. Based on creative and critical thinking skills I have acquired in my academic study, I aim to do extensive research in the field in order to gain more theoretical and practical knowledge in the field (Bennett, & Stephen 4). The major setback that I have faced in my work is the lack of satisfaction of some clients who are over-expectant. Some customers fail to pay for the quality of work that they demand until I am forced to use my money to have the work done satisfactorily.

The Job Market
The field of web design has grown extensively over the years. Many college students have web design, a factor that has created stiff competition in the field (Moschella 12). Those with many years of experience have been the major competitors in the field. Clients and employers tend to trust the most qualified web design experts and leave the fresh college graduates with limited job opportunities. As a beginner, my expected average salary is $12,000 per year. This is based on my shallow experience and will keep rising as I continue gaining experience in the field. As of now, I charge web design services to my clients depending on the level of skill required to do the job. I try to place cheap price tags on my services in order to counteract the competition posed by those with many years of experience in the field. I hope that my clients and employers in the job industry will consider my services because they are cheaper. I also aim to guarantee quality in all my services in order to overcome the competition in the fast-growing web design industry (Yue 6).

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Interview with a Professional in the Field.
Me: When did you graduate from college and what was your major?
Joe: I graduated back in 1996, and my major was web design.
Me: How was the job market in the 90s?
Joe: The industry was in its initial stages of growth. Many people did not have computers and organizations were using papers to deliver their services. This forced us to charge cheaply for our services.
Me: You mentioned the issue of salary, how do you compare the pay in the 90s and the present?
Joe: The difference is far from comparison. I used to earn up to $5,000 per year in the 90s. We were few in the industry, and we sometimes dictated our pay. As you know the industry at the moment, the most experienced have no complaints about salary; I currently earn up to $20,000 per year.
Me: That is a great inspiration. I hope that I will also get to that level with time; thank you for your time.

Skills and Tools
Coding and web design is one of the most important skills that anyone hoping to go far in the industry must have (Rabiu 16). I also intend to improve my skills in networking in order to make me a web design expert able to handle different challenges in the workplace. I currently possess web design, new media, and coding skills; which I hope to improve with time. Being a fresh graduate, I still have to continue practicing to become more competent and go up the professional ladder.

As aforementioned, I aim to work in prominent organizations in the future. As I have come to realize, these organizations look for the most qualified experts in the field. The demand motivates me to work hard to improve my skills. One of the benefits of membership with prominent organizations is that one can easily qualify for management positions in other smaller organizations (Santrock, & Jane 20). Networking is also important in order to have a clear understanding of the field and the salaries offered in different organizations. Through annual seminars and conferences, I have met many experienced professionals in some of the organizations I hope to work for in the future.

The Future
I would like to work with Samsung Electronics in the future. The organization is recognized globally based on the high quality of their products. I want to work there because Samsung Electronics has acquired substantial market shares globally and it is a socially responsible company. Additionally, the organization has recruited some of the smartest web design brains in the planet. The latter will give me a chance to interact with professionals in my field and sharpen my skills. Working at Samsung Electronics will also give me an opportunity of exploring the field of my profession through innovation and research. The company prioritizes on innovation and research, which are also areas of my interest. I believe that a management course will also help me secure a managerial position in the company that will eventually help me attain my long-term goal of starting my company in the future.

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