100 Best Biology Topics For Academic Research

biology topics

Biology is a natural science that studies life and helps us to understand how cells and organisms work. Because choosing interesting biology topics could be challenging, we have crafted one hundred biology topics for you in this article. These topics in biology cover a wide range of areas, including cool biology topics and good research topics for biology. In need of biology topics to write about? Search no further as these biology topics lists we offer have just about everything you need! Let’s dive right in!

Biology Research Paper Topics

Research is an essential aspect of biology that makes it thrive. To gain attention or remain relevant in a rapidly evolving field like this, you will need some biology paper topics that ticks. Here are some biology topics for research that will be of great help in guiding you to choose the area you love the most. Ready to delve into the biology research topics we have for you? Here is a list of some popular biology research topics for great research experience. Also, check our recycling essay writing tips.

  1. How modern technologies may help further understand the DNA structure and genetic disorders
  2. The unlimited potential of cloning in changing medicine
  3. Exploring the effects of DNA modification on aging
  4. Domestication: can wolves become domestic animals?
  5. The impact of hormones on human behavior
  6. How modern technology can facilitate plant disease management
  7. The effect of fertilizers on plants
  8. The impact and involvement of environmental change on species diversity
  9. The impact of rain forests extinction on climate
  10. Better renewable energy and reduction of environmental pollution

Research Topics in Biology for Undergraduates

Undergraduates who offer biology are usually required to do some research in this area and consequently need relevant biology project topics. Don’t panic because we have some biology research topics for college students!

  1. Dangers of bioterrorism on life forms
  2. Relationship between genetic predisposition and obesity
  3. Exploring the effects of bush burning on human health
  4. Can science achieve immortality?
  5. The different response of plants and animals to climate change
  6. Are genetic abnormalities always passed on to offspring
  7. The dangers of inhabiting other planets

Biology Topics For High School

High school biology is foundational to the development of ample understanding of higher-level biology. Therefore, high school students may be mandated to do some topics in biology. Here are some biology research topics for high school that helps in building a solid foundation in biology.

  1. The theory of evolution
  2. Basic cell structure
  3. Characteristics of living things
  4. Specialization of cell structure
  5. Reproduction in plants and animals
  6. Metabolism in humans
  7. Effect of human activities on ecology
  8. The different human body system
  9. Interactions between organisms in the ecosystem

AP Biology Topics

  1. Anatomy and physiology of the human body
  2. Cell theory
  3. Evolutionary patterns of organisms
  4. Growth and development in living things
  5. Application of nucleic acid technology
  6. Photosynthesis and plant pigmentation

IB Biology IA Topics

Have you been experiencing some challenges in choosing the perfect IB Biology IA/biology IA topics? Congratulations! You are in the right place! A suitable topic is essential to performing excellently at IA, so we want to help you early enough. There are so many great topics you can choose from, and we bring you a list of the ten best IB Biology IA topics!

  1. The spread of diseases in different weather conditions
  2. The effect of different cleaning products on the growth of house plants
  3. Impact of weather on transpiration rate in plants
  4. Investigating how different kinds of toothpaste compare in their performance in blocking bacterial growth.
  5. Comparing milk spoilage under different conditions
  6. Investigating the effect of stress on the rate of ventilation
  7. The effect of salt on the seed germination of different species of plants
  8. Factors that affect the rate of ripening of fruits and their vitamin c content
  9. How sugar affects teeth health (use an egg to imitate the tooth for this experiment)
  10. How climate change affects biodiversity

Controversial Biology Topics

  1. Is drug addiction hereditary?
  2. Is global warming real?
  3. Man’s origin: evolution or creation

Interesting Biology Topics

Here are some interesting biology research topics just for you!

  1. Molecular and genomic evolution
  2. The evolutionary biology of infectious diseases
  3. Economic importance of fertilizers on plant
  4. Correlation between immunity and stress
  5. Environmental assessment and monitoring using plants
  6. How plant growth can be controlled
  7. Comparison between the gestation period in humans and other mammals
  8. Biological implications of abortion
  9. How to prevent the extinction of animals

Biology Essay Topics

You can awe your readers with these awesome biology topics!

  1. The concept and practice of vaccination
  2. Understanding the concept of animal cloning
  3. Science of genomics and proteomics
  4. Why human offspring develop slowly compared with other mammals
  5. Causes and treatment of hemophilia

Biology Topics for Presentation

These are some of the interesting biology topics for presentation.

  1. Concept of genetic mutation
  2. Adaptation: a means of survival in living things
  3. How the brain recovers from trauma
  4. The outcome of genetic combinations

Hot Topics in Biology

We get to know more about science in each passing day. Here are some hot biology topics to choose from.

  1. How human microbiome can prevent diseases
  2. Genetic engineering of humans using CRISPR
  3. How DNA can be used for identification
  4. How genes can be replaced
  5. Extraction of DNA from a living cell
  6. Interaction between a person’s genetic make-up and drug

Human Biology Topics

  1. Causes of eye defects
  2. The function of the sense organs
  3. Anatomy of the internal organs
  4. Use of the appendix in the human body
  5. Importance of non-human cells in the body.
  6. How the immune system fights infection.

Cell Biology Research Topics

The cell is the basic unit of life. Cell biology studies the structure and function of a cell. Here are some cell biology topics below.

  1. Understanding the role of cholesterol transport protein in cell biology
  2. Recognizing the functions and significance of cellular membranes to all lifeforms
  3. Cellular membranes, phospholipids, and security mechanisms in living cells
  4. Understanding the importance of apoptosis in cell growth and the effect of faulty cells
  5. Cellular genetics: assessing the functions of DNA and RNA

Marine Biology Research Topics

Here are some awesome marine biology topics for excellent research works!

  1. Biodiversity and function of marine biology
  2. An ecological approach to marine biology
  3. Interrelationships between marine biology and biotechnology
  4. Evolution and adaptation among marine organism

Molecular Biology Topics

  1. Application of molecular biology to plants
  2. Challenges caused by diseases to molecular biology
  3. Physiology of the cell
  4. Process of gene editing

Evolutionary Biology Research Paper Topics

  1. Plant evolution
  2. Application of evolution
  3. The evolutionary history of plants
  4. Effect of evolutionary theory
  5. How genome respond to environmental toxicants

Current Topics in Developmental Biology

  1. The fertilization of gametes in Living cells
  2. Studying the developmental traits specific to humans
  3. Gene regulatory network during the development of visible organs in an Organism.

Biology Debate Topics

  1. Harvesting unwanted human embryonic stem cells for scientific research
  2. Using genetic screening of embryos to allow families to select and implant in-vitro fertilized embryo with desired characteristics
  3. Harnessing the potential benefits of gene therapy in treating generic disorders
  4. Meeting global agricultural needs by the use of genetically modified organisms

So here we are! One hundred hot biology topics that cover many areas of biology. You can also get assignment writing help if you need it. Wishing you the very best. Enjoy!

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