Awesome Topics And Ideas For Top-Notch Essay

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Do you need help finding essay topics? If so, you’re not alone. Many students need help finding or generating topic ideas when writing essays. However, this is crucial to this assignment since the quality of the write-up depends on the title. This article lists 485 topics to consider when looking for a title for your essay. Also, it explains the structure of an essay. It’s useful because it helps unlock writer’s block by providing ideas you can modify into a title for your paper. Also, it guides you by providing an easy-to-follow essay structure.

Structure Of An Essay

The basic essay structure comprises an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. However, you can write a more sophisticated paper by adding more sections. Here’s an essay structure that goes beyond the basic three-part format.

  • Title Page: The title page is the first section, comprising the essay title, your name, course/instructor’s name, institution, and date.

  • Abstract: An abstract summarizes the essay’s main points, findings, and conclusions. Usually, it’s 150-250 words and provides readers with a quick overview.

  • Table of Contents: The table of contents should list the main sections and subsections and their page numbers.

  • List of Figures and Tables: List your essay’s charts, graphs, or tables with their corresponding page numbers.

  • Introduction: The introduction comprises the following;

    • Hook: An attention-grabbing opening sentence or two to engage the reader.
    • Background Information: Use background information to create the context for your topic.
    • Thesis Statement: State the central argument or purpose of your essay.
    • Roadmap: Briefly outline the main points or sections you will cover.
  • Literature Review: This section summarizes relevant literature or previous research on your topic. It discusses critical theories, concepts, and findings related to your thesis.

  • Methodology: This section is where you explain your research methods, including data collection and analysis. It is also where you justify your research methods and discuss their limitations.

  • Body Paragraphs: Each paragraph should focus on one central point or idea related to your thesis. Each topic sentence introduces the main point. Also, provide evidence, examples, or data to support your point. The body should use transitions to connect paragraphs and maintain logical flow. Consider incorporating counterarguments and refutations if applicable.

  • Discussion: The discussion section analyzes and interprets your findings or the evidence presented in the body. Also, explain the implications of your research or the significance of your argument while considering potential areas for further investigation.

  • Conclusion: The conclusion restates your thesis statement while summarizing the main points from the body paragraphs. Also, it should provide insights or recommendations based on your analysis. Include a strong closing statement to leave a lasting impression.

  • References or Works Cited: This section lists all the sources you cited in your essay in a consistent citation style, such as APA, MLA, or Chicago.

  • Appendices: In the appendices, you include supplementary material such as detailed data tables, charts, or lengthy, cumbersome quotations for the main text.

  • Glossary: Here, you define specialized terms or concepts used in your essay that might be unfamiliar to your readers.

  • Acknowledgments: The acknowledgment section thanks individuals or organizations contributing to your research, funding, or support.

  • Endnotes or Footnotes: This section is where you provide additional explanations, comments, or references for specific points in your essay.

This general structure may differ depending on your educator’s instructions or the length of your essay. Once you know the sections to include in your paper, choose a topic from the following essay ideas.

Different Types Of Essays

Your educators may ask you to write various essays during your academic career. Here are the primary types of custom essay you’ll likely write while pursuing your education.

  • Narrative Essay: This essay tells a story, often from the writer’s personal experience. It typically includes characters, a plot, and a clear beginning, middle, and end. Narrative essays aim to engage the reader and convey a lesson or insight.
  • Descriptive Essay: A descriptive essay uses vivid language to paint a picture for the reader. The goal is to create a sensory experience by describing a person, place, object, or event in detail.
  • Expository Essay: Expository essays aim to provide information, explain a concept, or present an argument straightforwardly and unbiasedly. They often include facts, statistics, and examples to support the main idea.
  • Argumentative Essay: An argumentative essay lets the author take a stance on a specific issue and present arguments and evidence to persuade the reader to adopt their point of view. It requires strong critical thinking and research skills.
  • Persuasive Essay: While similar to argumentative essays, persuasive essays focus on convincing the reader to take a particular action or adopt a specific belief. They often appeal to emotions and values in addition to presenting facts.
  • Compare and Contrast Essay: This type of essay examines the similarities and differences between two or more subjects. Writers analyze the subjects in-depth, highlighting their essential characteristics and relationships.
  • Cause and Effect Essay: Cause and effect essays explore the reasons (causes) behind an event or phenomenon and the outcomes (effects) that result from it. They aim to establish a causal relationship between variables.
  • Process Essay: Process or “how-to” essays explain the steps or procedures to accomplish a specific task or achieve a particular outcome. They provide clear instructions and may include visuals or diagrams.
  • Definition Essay: Definition essays provide an extended definition of a concept or term, often going beyond the dictionary definition to explore its various facets, meanings, and interpretations.
  • Analytical Essay: Analytical essays require the writer to analyze a piece of literature, a film, an event, or a subject in-depth. They often examine the components, themes, and significance of the issue.
  • Critical Analysis Essay: Critical essays involve critically analyzing and evaluating a work of art, literature, or other subject. Writers assess the strengths and weaknesses of the issue and may offer their interpretation or critique.
  • Research Essay: Research essays require extensive research on a specific topic. They involve synthesizing information from various sources to present an informed argument or analysis.
  • Literary Analysis Essay: These essays analyze a literary work, such as a novel, poem, or play. Writers examine the author’s themes, characters, symbolism, and literary techniques.
  • Personal Essay: Personal essays are reflective and often autobiographical. They provide insights into the writer’s experiences, thoughts, and feelings.
  • Response Essay: Response essays involve reacting to a particular content, such as an article, book, or film. Writers share their reactions, thoughts, and opinions about the subject.

Each of these types of essays has a unique purpose and structure. You may choose a topic from the following categories depending on what the educator asks you to write.

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas

Do you need a topic that allows you to take a stance and defend it? If so, consider any of these ideas.

  1. How social media affects human relationships: Is it positive or negative?
  2. College education should be free for all learners
  3. How genetic engineering affects humanity- Is it good or bad?
  4. Standardized tests measure a student’s knowledge and abilities effectively
  5. Governments should lower the drinking age to 18
  6. Will artificial intelligence take over most human jobs?
  7. Online learning- Is it more effective than traditional classroom education?
  8. The government should regulate fast food to combat obesity
  9. The pros and cons of using legal recreational marijuana
  10. The media has a responsibility to report unbiased news
  11. Video games affect children’s behavior and development
  12. Governments should ban animal testing in medical research
  13. Modern society needs stricter gun control laws
  14. Is affirmative action necessary in college admissions?
  15. The United States should switch to a single-payer healthcare system
  16. Humans have a role to play in climate change and its impact on the planet
  17. Governments should hold parents legally responsible for their children’s actions
  18. Globalization affects local economies and cultures- Is it good or bad?
  19. Humans should abolish the death penalty
  20. How feminism affects contemporary society- Is it good or bad?
  21. Censorship of art and media is unjustified
  22. The ethical dilemmas of animal rights and animal welfare
  23. Should professional athletes kneel during the national anthem to show patriotism?
  24. Is privacy right in the digital age, or should governments access personal information?
  25. Do college athletes deserve better pay for their participation in sports?
  26. Social media and mental health: Is it a net positive or negative influence?
  27. Should schools teach sex education and provide access to contraceptives?
  28. Universal basic income for all citizens- What are the pros and cons
  29. Is the use of renewable energy sources enough to combat climate change?
  30. Should the United States implement stricter immigration policies?

These topics spark debates among students. Therefore, please choose one of them and write an argumentative essay supporting your argument with evidence.

Interesting College Essay Topics

Are you in college looking for a title for your essay? If so, consider the following ideas for your paper.

  1. Exploring the art movements of the 21st century
  2. The origin and perspectives of eco-feminism
  3. How will tomorrow’s society interact?
  4. Ecological problems and their historical perspectives
  5. How great inventors contributed to a better society
  6. What are the qualities of an influential person?
  7. How to define honor
  8. Describe how you feel about marriage
  9. How to set and achieve career goals
  10. Who are your favorite poets and writers?
  11. What is the role of empathy in promoting social change?
  12. Space exploration- Its future and significance
  13. How pop culture influences societal values
  14. How gun control policies affect public safety
  15. Religion and its role in modern society
  16. How history affects civil rights movements
  17. What should every human know in the current information age?
  18. How culture relates to food
  19. How education promotes gender equality
  20. The effects of the Internet on modern political activism
  21. The resilience psychology during adversity
  22. How art advocates social justice
  23. How governments can address income inequality
  24. How family can influence your identity and values
  25. How social movements enhance social change
  26. The consequences and history of colonialism
  27. Exploring the privilege concept in modern society
  28. How social media affects mental health
  29. Reflecting on a vital life-changing moment
  30. How cultural diversity impacts the workplace
  31. How modern society can achieve a healthy work-life balance
  32. How education can foster environmental awareness
  33. Storytelling and its power in shaping human perceptions
  34. How climate change influences global politics
  35. Benefits and challenges of studying abroad
  36. Benefits and challenges of working abroad
  37. The role women in leadership positions have played throughout history
  38. Exploring the decision-making psychology during uncertainty
  39. How immigration affects cultural identity
  40. How literature influences values and social norms
  41. The essence of humor in the face of adversity
  42. Why empathy is vital in healthcare professions
  43. Can sports build teamwork and character
  44. How music connects to emotions
  45. Rewards and challenges of being a first-generation college student
  46. How renewable energy affects society- What is its future?
  47. How the media shapes public opinions
  48. The role of meditation and mindfulness in stress management
  49. How privacy rights intersect with technology
  50. Why is mental health awareness critical?
  51. How to improve health standards in college
  52. How colleges can enhance students’ participation in sports
  53. Investigating social evils in developing countries
  54. Why a democratic government is important
  55. How to prevent excessive air pollution from vital factories
  56. How pregnant women can ensure their health when traveling by plane
  57. Describe your experience with a rebellion
  58. Describe your experience with a morality challenge
  59. Does wearing a school uniform have any social significance?
  60. What are the possible effects of dropping out of college?
  61. Why workplace tolerance is vital
  62. Why do some people ignore voting in national elections?
  63. Should the law protect intellectual property?
  64. Is obesity more dangerous than anorexia nervosa?
  65. MySpace or Facebook- Which social platform provides more opportunities?
  66. Full-time employee or a freelancer- Which one is best?
  67. How does Nazism differ from fascism?
  68. Should modern students choose remote learning or traditional education?
  69. Gender issues- How mental processes differ between males and females
  70. How family vacations affect family relationships
  71. How does human curiosity affect our planet?
  72. Is graffiti a form of art?
  73. What are the pros and cons of globalization?
  74. Should the law punish social activities?
  75. What are the pros and cons of single-sex schools?
  76. Military services and gender roles
  77. Are companies paying CEOs and project managers too much?
  78. Why are the numbers of teenage mothers on the rise?
  79. Are left-handed guitarists more gifted?
  80. What should the government change in the current tax system?
  81. Do test scores accurately indicate a person’s competency?
  82. How does homework contribute to a student’s performance?
  83. Should public schools maintain vaccination as a mandatory requirement?
  84. What makes online schools better than conventional education?
  85. How can students enhance concentration when studying?
  86. Should society judge people according to their profiles on social media?
  87. Can someone find a mate through online dating websites, or are they scams?
  88. The impact of social media on the parent-children relationship
  89. Why texting while driving is illegal
  90. How intelligent can computers be?

These topics cover various subjects, and college students can use them to write papers. Nevertheless, pick one that resonates with your experiences and interests to write a winning essay.

Topics To Write About In Technology

Technology is a significant driving force in the contemporary world. Here are technology topics to consider for your essay.

  1. How technology influences human behavior
  2. How artificial intelligence and automation affect employment
  3. Using robots at the workplace- What are the ethical implications?
  4. Can machine learning help humans predict and prevent diseases?
  5. How technology helps with cultural heritage preservation and sharing
  6. Pros and cons of blockchain technology in modern finance
  7. Can virtual assistants enhance productivity?
  8. How telemedicine has transformed healthcare delivery and access
  9. Technology’s role in the mitigation of climate change
  10. Innovations and challenges facing sustainable agriculture
  11. Application of augmented reality in entertainment and educational sectors
  12. How big data affects business and society
  13. Gene editing- What are the ethical concerns and potential?
  14. Autonomous vehicles- What are their ethical implications?
  15. Nanotechnology and its applications in medicine
  16. Defense strategies and the ever-changing cybersecurity threats
  17. Brain-computer interfaces and their essence in boosting human-computer interactions
  18. Risks and possibilities of artificial general intelligence
  19. Are autonomous vehicles the future of transportation?
  20. How social media affects society
  21. Scientific and ethical implications of genetic engineering and biotechnology
  22. How renewable energy can help humans address climate change
  23. Augmented reality and virtual reality- What are their impact on the healthcare and entertainment sectors
  24. The consequences of the Internet of things
  25. What are the potential benefits of 5G technology
  26. Exploring data privacy and its ethics
  27. Exploring the importance of cybersecurity in the current digital age
  28. How technology influences education
  29. The impact of artificial intelligence on the contemporary job market
  30. How the modern entertainment sector uses technology

These are exciting technology topics to consider for your paper. Choose one that suits your interest and investigate it further to write a high-quality essay.

Good Topics To Write About In A Personal Essay

A personal essay describes your experience or thoughts. Here are ideas to explore in this write-up.

  1. My experience of fighting procrastination
  2. My experience with discrimination
  3. Explain how you learned to take leadership and responsibility
  4. What changed how you relate to your parents?
  5. Describe your experience catching a liar
  6. Describe your opinion of an event that has influenced your nation
  7. Your encounter with a person who became your idol or patron
  8. Explain your first experience of a tornado or earthquake
  9. How has technology enhanced your access to information?
  10. What is your favorite subject in school?
  11. Which book changed your perception of life?
  12. Describe your experience traveling solo for the first time
  13. How does it feel to be in charge of something important?
  14. Tell a story about a relative that is dear to you
  15. Tell a story about your favorite teacher and how they inspired you
  16. Describe your experience as a first-time volunteer
  17. Explain how your favorite teacher impacted your life
  18. Tell a story of your most dangerous experience
  19. Explain your first journey to the countryside
  20. Describe an event that changes your attitude or behavior towards your parents
  21. Describe an experience that made you lose or gain religious faith
  22. Explain a comedic situation whose basis was some misunderstanding
  23. Describe a summer vacation event that changed your life
  24. What was your experience with your first pet?
  25. Explain your experience meeting your distant relative for the first time
  26. Describe an experience that made you decide on your first job
  27. Describe your experience winning something for the first time
  28. Explain your experience participating in a political design
  29. Describe your experience participating in an environmental design
  30. Which was your most exciting dream?
  31. The day you met your best friend
  32. The most challenging decision you’ve ever made
  33. What has caused the most significant argument with your family member?
  34. Please describe your experience facing our biggest failure
  35. Which advice from your parent did you find useless?
  36. Explain how somebody betrayed you and how you responded to it
  37. The most important lesson you have learned in life
  38. What is your major fear
  39. The most awkward moment in your life
  40. The best holiday experience with family
  41. A lifetime witnessing experience you will never forget
  42. The most beautiful travel destination you have visited
  43. The place you wish to see a gain if you get a chance
  44. The best advice somebody has ever given you
  45. Inspiration from your favorite artwork
  46. The origin of your biggest fear
  47. An inexplicable event and how your experience changed your life
  48. Explain how you learned to play a musical instrument
  49. Describe your secret talent
  50. Explain how you noticed disability in somebody for the first time
  51. Describe your favorite childhood memory
  52. How would you respond if you won the lottery
  53. How technology has influenced you versus your siblings
  54. Explain your experience during your first trip
  55. Describe your experience getting lost for the first time
  56. Describe your experience participating in your favorite sport
  57. How did you create secret places during your childhood?
  58. Explain your experience helping people during a crisis
  59. How to handle stress during a vital exam
  60. What makes you consider studying abroad?
  61. Did any teacher significantly influence your confidence and career choice?
  62. How important is homework?
  63. The impact of religious or racial discrimination on your life
  64. How do you relate to social media?
  65. How television has influenced your life
  66. How clubs and teams have impacted your life
  67. Which film or book has changed your worldview?
  68. Differences between male and female roles in your family
  69. What has been your major accomplishment outside the school or college?
  70. How your most significant failure has shaped you
  71. What is your biggest motivation in life?
  72. How do you research for an essay?
  73. How can you prevent obesity?
  74. Do you think everybody deserves the voting right?
  75. Should every revolution involve violence?
  76. What’s the impact of higher education on merit?
  77. How did COVID-19 affect your family?
  78. Why students should learn at least one foreign language
  79. Why students should learn financial literacy in college
  80. Should students play a role in school property maintenance?

These are exciting titles to consider for a personal essay. Nevertheless, pick one that suits your interest to enjoy researching and writing.

Good Essay Topics For High School

Teachers require high school students to do a lot of writing to learn to use the English language persuasively and concisely. Here are titles to consider when writing a high school essay.

  1. The major challenge facing our country
  2. Why every citizen should have free Internet access
  3. Which country is the best and why?
  4. Why the government should legalize, regulate, and tax all drugs
  5. Why smoking tobacco is more harmful than vaping
  6. Every student should attend college free of charge
  7. The high school curriculum should include physical education
  8. Society should treat men and women equally
  9. What does history teach us?
  10. Does capital punishment deter crime?
  11. How good and relevant is social media?
  12. What subject should every high school student pursue?
  13. Is using animals for research and experiments acceptable?
  14. Students should take vital vaccines with limited exceptions
  15. How humans have contributed to the current climate change trends
  16. How social media affects young adults
  17. What was the primary cause of World War II?
  18. How fast-food restaurants have worsened human health over the years
  19. The impact of playing sports on people
  20. How being an avid reader affects you
  21. How does being the oldest person in your class affect you?
  22. How violence in video games or movies affects kids
  23. How traveling to a new place opens your mind to better ideas
  24. What causes racism?
  25. Describe your encounter with the funniest person in your community
  26. What do you remember as your happiest moment?
  27. Who is the most inspirational individual in your life
  28. What did you like doing the most during your childhood?
  29. Explain how your favorite music or piece of art makes you feel
  30. Explain what you think living on the moon would be like
  31. How do you think you would feel relocating to a new town?
  32. Explain your perfect day from the moment you wake up
  33. Describe your personality to a person that is yet to meet you
  34. Give somebody a tour of your favorite room back at home
  35. What’s your favorite pet and why?
  36. What is the worst vacation you have ever taken?
  37. Which item is the most important to you?
  38. What do you think makes the best leader?
  39. Why do you think a particular subject is essential for high school students?
  40. What is the impact of the glass ceiling on society?
  41. The effect of the Internet on the world
  42. What are the qualities of a good teacher?
  43. What is the meaning of financial responsibility?
  44. Explain how a specific American president influenced the country during their time in office
  45. What is a healthy teenager’s lifestyle?
  46. Why is mental health as vital as physical health?
  47. Explain how humans could colonize another planet or the moon
  48. What would you consider the proudest moment in your life?
  49. When did you make the most challenging decision, and what was it about?
  50. How do you celebrate your favorite holiday with your family?
  51. How did you develop a family tradition, and why is it important?
  52. Explain when you experienced oppression or prejudice
  53. How did you learn a vital lesson in life?
  54. How and when did you overcome a significant challenge?
  55. Which was your most embarrassing experience?
  56. Should homework be optional, mandatory, or nonexistent?
  57. Why everybody should be a vegan or vegetarian
  58. Which animal is the best pet?
  59. Who do you consider the world’s best athlete?
  60. Which is your favorite music genre?
  61. Should young kids participate in competitive sports?
  62. Which book do you think everybody should read?
  63. Why modern culture fixates heavily on celebrity gossip
  64. Is technology widening or bridging the gap between the poor and the rich?
  65. Why every government should invest in renewable energy sources
  66. How the Internet has made humans more isolated or connected
  67. Should law enforcers limit the use of facial recognition technology?
  68. Should governments allow teenagers to vote in national elections?
  69. Should all schools have a gender-neutral dress code?
  70. Law enforcers should implement stricter regulations on teenage drivers
  71. How essential is space exploration?
  72. Is mining resources and exploiting other planets’ commercial potential ethical?
  73. Should missions to Mars be a priority for space agencies?
  74. Why governments should subsidize and encourage car-sharing services
  75. Car manufacturers should disclose performance and safety data about their products
  76. Why governments should promote and develop alternative energy sources or fuels for cars
  77. Why governments should ban older vehicles from using the roads due to safety risks and higher emissions
  78. Why all drivers should have car insurance
  79. Why freeways and highways must have speed limits
  80. Teenagers should have credit cards to establish their credit history
  81. The essence of academic honesty
  82. Why teenagers should have part-time jobs during their high school period
  83. Is participating in civil disobedience ethical for high school students?
  84. Should sexual health and birth control services be accessible to teenagers?
  85. Do high school students deserve more creative expression opportunities?
  86. Should governments encourage and expand space tourism?
  87. Should humans prioritize robotics and AI development for space exploration?
  88. Analyzing education diversity and its benefits
  89. The impact of the increasing college tuition on high school students
  90. Why high schools should require learners to undergo vaccination

High school students can pick and comfortably write about these topics. Nevertheless, choose a title you’ll enjoy researching and writing about to score a superior grade.

Hot Topics To Write About For An Essay

Do you need a topic that will capture everybody’s attention? Here are titles to consider when writing your essay.

  1. Which professional sport is the most corrupt?
  2. How challenging is finding a decent job in the contemporary world?
  3. How beneficial are team sports?
  4. Is branding essential for a business?
  5. Are people born with entrepreneurial skills, or do they acquire them?
  6. How can transgender athletes participate in sports fairly and equitably?
  7. Does a CEO deserve better pay than an average employee?
  8. Do male and female athletes deserve equal pay?
  9. Is it possible to start a company without money?
  10. Are professional athletes receiving excess payments?
  11. Are happy employees beneficial to a business?
  12. How economical are sporting events?
  13. How deforestation affects climate change
  14. Can humans reverse climate change?
  15. The impact of COVID-19 on climate change and global warming
  16. How effective are carbon credits in offsetting emissions?
  17. How safe is nuclear power as a fossil fuel alternative?
  18. Can hybrid vehicles help with pollution control?
  19. How plastic waste affects the environment
  20. What is a black hole?
  21. What are the major failures and successes of the EPA
  22. Can humans develop anti-cancer vaccines?
  23. How science can help humans save endangered species
  24. The impact of the Flint water crisis on Michigan life
  25. The essence of emotional support animals
  26. The effect of stress on your body
  27. The pros and cons of high school counselors
  28. How people talk about mental health in pop culture
  29. The causes of poor physical and psychological health
  30. How social media affects young people’s health
  31. How important is daily exercise?
  32. How text messaging affects teen literacy
  33. How autonomous vehicles will change human life
  34. Websites versus mobile apps- What’s more important for modern businesses?
  35. Why is source software essential?
  36. Is age restriction necessary for social media?
  37. The impact of social media on the way humans relate
  38. Cryptocurrency- What are the pros and cons of its adoption?
  39. Will artificial intelligence affect human life negatively?
  40. How an internet blackout would affect the world
  41. How the Internet affects the modern newspaper industry
  42. How strict internet censorship affects humanity
  43. The impact of digital downloading on the music industry
  44. Has the Internet made students smarter?
  45. Are there responsible abortion limits?
  46. The operation of an MRI machine
  47. How socialized healthcare would benefit society
  48. The impact of medical marijuana on elderly populations
  49. How medical marijuana affects the education system
  50. What are the benefits and costs of diet culture?
  51. Who is a responsible patriot?
  52. What causes bullying, and what are its effects?
  53. Global citizenship- The pros and cons
  54. Have divorce cases declined in recent years?
  55. Is following religion or social norms important?
  56. Is the portrayal of minorities by the media realistic?
  57. How the media reinforces stereotypes
  58. What is the reason for the rising popularity of podcasts?
  59. Is streaming threatening traditional television?
  60. How relevant is literature in modern society?
  61. The use of fiction for propaganda
  62. How literature informs and teaches society
  63. How literature influences teenagers as they approach adulthood
  64. Discuss how a historical invention impacts modern society
  65. Choose a historical leader and describe their downfall
  66. Describe your country’s evolution over the last century
  67. Describe a historical event that has significantly affected your country
  68. Describe your country’s response to a national disaster
  69. Rehabilitation centers versus prisons- Which is more effective?
  70. How helpful are congestion taxes?
  71. How affirmative action assists minorities
  72. How effective is a capitalist system in reducing inequality?
  73. How effective is a three-arm government system?
  74. What is the primary cause of modern politics’ polarization?
  75. Analyze the effects of a famous artist on pop music
  76. Describe the evolution of pop music over the last decade
  77. Discuss women’s portrayal in music- How has it changed over the last decade?
  78. The development of music to feature various voices and instruments
  79. The impact of sound technology on the music industry
  80. How music education benefits high school students

Most people will be interested in reading an essay on these topics. However, you must investigate your title to provide relevant and informative content.

Miscellaneous Essay Topics

Did you find a title worth exploring in the above categories? If no, pick one from the following list.

  1. The establishment of civil rights movements
  2. What escalated the Vietnam War?
  3. How to differentiate legit and fake news
  4. How to remain optimistic when facing adversity
  5. Why are so many young people becoming violent?
  6. Describe the production of the first book
  7. Describe the development and implementation of a computer game
  8. The most effective way to handle stress when studying
  9. How fat affects the human mind and body
  10. Why mental health is important
  11. Can research help humans cure AIDs?
  12. Birth control and controversies surrounding it
  13. Can humans fight racism in unison?
  14. Is it possible to use religion to justify any crime against humanity?
  15. Which religion is the most popular in the current world and why?
  16. Are people encountering sexual abuse within the church?
  17. How can religious beliefs affect your health?
  18. Women’s oppression in various religions
  19. Is the creation story a myth?
  20. Investigating new religions and their formation
  21. How tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana affect the human body
  22. Ways to turn a simple business idea into a startup
  23. How creative marketing influences sales
  24. How taxation affects small enterprises
  25. Time management and its impact on small and big teams
  26. Is multitasking a productive workplace method?
  27. The effects of workplace sexual harassment
  28. The variations of prostitution laws in various parts of the world
  29. Investigating abortion laws worldwide
  30. Should governments establish rules to prevent cyberbullying?
  31. Are sex crime punishments fair?
  32. Should governments legalize marijuana at the national level?
  33. How can governments make drinking water accessible to everyone
  34. Can recycling improve human life?
  35. How alternative energy sources can help humans preserve natural resources
  36. How humans can reduce pollution effectively
  37. The impact of global warming on the wildlife
  38. Internet’s development and its future
  39. How regular people facilitate technological progress
  40. How influential figures like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates change the world
  41. Can technology enable governments to prevent terrorist attacks?
  42. Investigating unfair child labor in modern workplaces
  43. Feminism and its state in contemporary society
  44. Should society allow women to participate in extreme sports?
  45. Should parents monitor the websites their kids visit?
  46. Reasons for the rising domestic gender violence
  47. Should schools and colleges abolish homework?
  48. Is it right for gay partners to adopt children?
  49. The societal worldview of surrogate mothers
  50. Media content- How do violent scenes affect the audience?
  51. Should middle schools teach sex education?
  52. How exposing children to the media at an early age affects their mental health
  53. How education can help make the world safer
  54. How detox diets affect the body negatively
  55. Modern society- Is it over-regulated?
  56. Should schools ban uniforms?
  57. How political authorities engage in illegal activities
  58. How homeschooling disadvantages a student
  59. The print media is almost dead- True or false?
  60. How do food, weight, and fitness relate?
  61. Is preventing speech freedom necessary at any time?
  62. Should governments prohibit same-sex marriages?
  63. What workplace challenges do modern women face?
  64. Do peacekeeping missions bring peace to a country?
  65. Should people wear activewear clothes as casual wear outfits?
  66. Is watching an action at home better than on a big screen?
  67. How music and sports help with stress relief
  68. How reading non-fiction content boosts a writer’s creativity
  69. What can you describe as the best form of parenting?
  70. How can parents prevent their children from taking illegal drugs?
  71. How effective and efficient is the modern education system?
  72. The pros and cons of mobile phones
  73. Are humans becoming foolish for over-relying on technology?
  74. Is virtual reality dangerous for teenagers?
  75. Do you need a college education to succeed in life?
  76. Should governments abolish zoos?
  77. Does a small business need a social media presence to grow?
  78. Plastic water bottles- What are their impacts on the environment?
  79. Is religious tolerance necessary in Muslim countries?
  80. Is any athlete a good role model for a child?
  81. Can reading novels sharpen the ability to think outside the box?
  82. Why do most spiritual people become vegetarians?
  83. Vegetarians versus meat-eaters- Who are healthier?
  84. Fasting versus yoga- What is more spiritual?
  85. Is it necessary for famous individuals in a society to engage in politics?

Hopefully, you’ll find a topic to research and write about in your essay. Nevertheless, seek professional help if you need assistance with your assignment or an essay editor.

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