The Ultimate 10 Step Guide to an Essay Plan (Really!)

essay plan

Before embarking on any project, planning is necessary. However, for an essay, this is a critical process that ought to follow due steps. Without proper planning, you may have an article that only you can read – not even your grandmother.

Why Should you Have an Essay Plan?

An essay plan helps you to organize your ideas, which can be modified as you read, think, or discuss more. An outline of your essay enables you to examine your writing with your tutor or instructor quickly.

Many essay plan templates are available on the internet today, some from money-hungry individuals and websites. These do not have any intention of helping the writer know the process of planning an essay.

Lucky for you who is reading this post, you are sure of a competent and world-class essay plan ever! Get ready to save time while coming up with a masterpiece essay from our available essay plans.

Essay Planning Using a ‘Box Plan’

We are going to explore how one can use a ‘Box Plan’ to come up with an organized, easy to modify and follow essay. Stay with me now as we embark on this excellent adventure.

How Many Stages Do I Need?

To begin with, determine the number of stages that your essay will have. In this first stage of essay planning, you will need to identify the essay structure from our freely available essay plan template.

For instance, in an essay, there are four main parts:

  1. Title
  2. Introduction
  3. Body
  4. Conclusion

Therefore, this will help you set the time needed for you to complete yours without forgetting any necessary part.

Determine the Word Count

Next, in your essay plan sheet, you will need to identify how many words will be required of you in every part. It will be determined by the essay instructions given to you by your instructor or tutor. Every essay will have a set number of words and thus the need to be very careful when tackling this section.

Now, in our ‘box’ already creating in the first stage, allocate the appropriate number of words culminating to the overall number of words needed.

Here is an example of a word count for a 1000 word essay:

  1. Title (8 words – recommended)
  2. Introduction (150 words)
  3. Body – in this case, we will work with a 3-body paragraph (250 words per section)
  4. Conclusion (100 words)

With this, you can be able to tailor your research in a manner that gives you a specific number of words. It enables you not to waste a lot of time in the research process.

Ensure that the evidence you research supports your thesis statement in the exact number of words set above.

Identify the Main Points

In this essay plan example, we will briefly highlight what is required in each part of the essay structure. It will help in narrowing down our research to the exact points needed.

Below is an illustration of identifying the main points in your essay plan.

  1. Title (8 words)
    • Attention-grabbing
    • Coherent
    • Written in the active voice
    • Credible
    • Concise
  2. Introduction (100 words)
  3. A submission should have:

    • A hook
    • Connection
    • Thesis statement
  4. Body (3-body paragraph of 250 words each)
  5. A body paragraph should have the following:

    • Topic sentence
    • Supporting ideas
    • Transition words
  6. Conclusion (150 Words)
  7. A concise and elaborate outcome should be able to capture the following:

    • Thesis restatement
    • A general conclusion
    • A memorable concluding remark

Summarize Your Research Points

It is where you get to use bullet points under each of the parts highlighted in the step above.

It will enable you to structure your points in a logical, precise, and easy to follow manner. You will, therefore, achieve a top-notch essay, one that the POTUS will kill to read.

Remember also to organize your citations and references in a transparent manner.

And you are good to go! If you still need custom writing help on how to write an essay plan, our team of expert writers is on standby to come to your rescue at any time. Feel free to access our budget-friendly essay plan services today.

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