A Good Man is Hard to Find Essay: Easy Writing Guide

A Good Man is Hard to Find Essay

I know of many ladies who would be thrilled to write such a paper. “A good man is hard to find essay,” is one of the easiest to write – ironical. Let us see how to achieve this painstaking task.

When writing an essay on a good man is hard to find; you have to develop an analytical approach. Though some may decide to follow the argumentative path, the former is the best. You will have to give some form of argument or claim about such a topic.

Now, this is important:

A Good Man is Hard to Find Essay Topics for You!

Below are writing prompts that will spring your way straight into an incredible and outstanding article.

  1. Explain the Symbolism in “A good man is hard to find essay.”
  2. What is ironic in a good man is hard to find essay
  3. Discuss the characterization in “A good man is hard to find essay.”
  4. A critical analysis of a good man is hard to find an essay
  5. What is the downfall of women in a good man is hard to find piece
  6. Describe the moral structure of finding good men

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Here, we will explore some of the essential considerations in the essay outline:


A good man is hard to find. The theme essay should be captivating and welcoming to the reader. For instance, you can use the topic: “Is It Hard to Find a Good Man?”


Starting with a hook in the form, a quote or a catchy phrase on men will do the magic. A good man is hard to find an essay thesis captured in the introduction should create the problem you are going to analyze. In short, it should give the angle or flow.


For this essay, the body paragraph will aim to explain and develop the main point. You can achieve this by asking yourself questions as you’re writing. It will help you to build your statements and arguments successfully.


A good man is hard to find symbolism essay conclusion is one that will convince your readers and impress your tutor. You can do this by restating the thesis statement of your essay. Phrasing it differently from your essay’s introduction will give you an upper hand. By concisely concluding your essay, the reader will precisely have a grip on your paper.

A Good Man is Hard to Find Essay Sample

“Good people are surely hard to come by in this generation. With the ever-rising economic, physical, political, and cultural constraints, everyone is concerned with themselves. Selfishness has become the new norm of society. In all the violent and dreadful desolation environments, there are moral messages that we can draw, showing that a good man is hard to find.

Growing up in a God-fearing family, I always admired to do nothing but the best for everyone. Love was one of the core values that my mother constantly kept reminding me of daily. She said that if anyone did me wrong, the only way to overcome the evil was with love.

I, therefore, thought everyone else was the same. Never did it cross my mind that someone would dream of doing me any ill deed with the kind of love I showed. Surely, not all that glitters is gold. People’s outer appearance should never deceive you.

In our neighborhood, there was a family that I admired. We went to church together and even had fellowships at one time in our respective houses. Many people held the family in high esteem. All seemed to be going well with them.

One day, we noticed something odd from our neighboring family. We realized that every night, the lights at their house would remain on till 3 a.m. in the night. At first, we thought that this was normal, but as time went by, this trend became wanting.

On a particular morning, we saw police detectives storm the compound with the canine dogs. The family was later frog-matched into a police car, and the house cordoned off. Everyone was astonished at the turn of events.

Later on, we heard that the family had been carrying out an underground drug peddling business. On top of that, the family had firearms and several rounds of ammunition. We were all surprised by these findings. We thought that all this was a make-up story, but no – the evidence was there. The family also confirmed the allegations.

It seemed that all that “Christian” character was a cover-up for their dubious practices. We all had judged based on what we saw, but the reality was different. Indeed, a good man is hard to find. What we see on the surface may be deceiving.”

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Writing a good man is hard to find a character analysis essay is not a tedious task, after all. With the top-notch writing guidelines and essay sample above, you are good to go! Ensure that you make it as captivating as possible to keep the readers hooked. Anything short of that will give you a vague essay that will not attract any reader.

You can find more on “a good man is hard to find essay questions,” and expert custom writing help from our professional writers.

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