100 Best Business Law Topics To Research

business law topics

Writing research papers and essays on business law topics can be intriguing and fun. However, you need to prepare properly to come up with a thoroughly researched, well-written paper. Business law is a broad study field. It can include complex concepts that require time and effort to research before writing.

Educators expect students to explain different rules and concepts that apply to relations, rights, and conduct of business in their papers. The primary purpose of business law is to maintain order, resolve disputes, and establish generally accepted operating standards. Students can discuss these rules and concepts using different business law essay topics.

Law Business Topics – Selecting The Best

Choosing the business law topics to write about is not always easy. Some topics in this field are not easy to research and write about. That’s because there are no adequate sources of the information required to write solid papers about them. As such, selecting the topic is an essential part of the writing process.

To make this assignment a little easier, we have come up with this list of 100 topic ideas for term papers in business law. This list should inspire you to come up with or choose your business law topics for essay or research paper.

Exciting Business Law Topics

Do you want to write a research paper on an exciting topic? If yes, consider these topics in business law.

  1. The best way for businesses to deal with online gambling
  2. Marketing laws for fast food companies
  3. Marketing laws for junk food companies
  4. What legal bindings will a company face if it uses animals to test products?
  5. What privacy issues does a consumer face when dealing with an online company
  6. Are there security issues associated with consumer dealings with online firms?
  7. Is tort reform favorable for consumers or companies?
  8. Are there legal legislations for outsourcing manufacturing operations to under-developed countries?
  9. Does a US-registered company need a license to operate in Europe?
  10. Are there legislations for controlling the monopoly of the private sector?
  11. How does the government implement price legislation?
  12. Are companies following the water law?
  13. What are the penalties for breaking or ignoring the terms of the water law?
  14. Are there laws to regulate the manufacturing industry’s takeover by the Chinese companies?
  15. Are there rules to be followed when firing people or rendering them redundant?
  16. What laws should be followed when signing job contracts?
  17. What does the law say about the working environment in a business organization?
  18. What are the legal requirements for being registered as a private limited company?
  19. How a business can maximize revenue legally without affecting its local market
  20. Laws to observe when increasing business operations to a global level

These are great law topics relating to business that you should consider if you want to write about something exciting. Nevertheless, be prepared to research extensively to come up with a brilliant paper about your chosen topic.

Common Business Law Topics

Some business law topics for research paper are common but still worth researching and writing about. Students can earn good grades if they research extensively and analyze information carefully before presenting it in their papers. Here are common business law research paper topic ideas to consider.

  1. Legal methods of identifying bankruptcy fraud
  2. Can sexual harassment lawsuits be avoided in a company?
  3. When do trade secrets become too secretive?
  4. What are the implications of data privacy laws?
  5. Explain how data privacy laws affect business operations
  6. Implications of e-commerce practices on the U.S workforce
  7. A possible defense to trademark infringement offense
  8. Legal guidelines for foreign business registration in the US
  9. Legal implications and guidelines for foreign business registration in Europe
  10. The legal protection and standing of creditors in the UK
  11. Business law protection
  12. Laws that regulate business
  13. Common business laws and ethics
  14. Business regulatory and legal framework
  15. How business law help with conflict resolution
  16. How business competition laws work
  17. What is the importance of a legally binding contract in business?
  18. How business laws protect the consumer
  19. Why any business needs a lawyer
  20. Common legal issues affecting business
  21. Minimum wage and business law

These are common business law topics for research that students at different study levels can explore. Nevertheless, research is required when writing academic papers about them.

Controversial Business Law Topics

Do you want to write a paper or an essay that draws mixed reactions from the readers? If yes, here are some of the business law topics for research paper that you should consider.

  1. Legal methods for keeping a business solvent without laying off employees or cutting benefits
  2. Should a business provide paternity leaves for fathers?
  3. Is denying paternity leaves legal because the law does not expressly forbid them?
  4. Explain what tort reform means for business
  5. What are the positive and negative effects of torn reform on big businesses?
  6. Will tort reform provide more protection to small businesses?
  7. Is the application of penalties to limit bad human behaviors effective at the workplace?
  8. Are penalties for drug and alcohol abuse at the workplace legal?
  9. Is the exclusion of some business from the anti-trust laws ethical?
  10. How can a business benefit financially from falling out of anti-trust law?
  11. Role of the law of contracts in business transactions
  12. What role does the legislature play in interpreting contracts
  13. Common pitfalls that businesses face when pursuing a regular or commercial lease
  14. Application of nonverbal and verbal agreements in the investigation of contract laws
  15. Business entity role regarding the commercial law
  16. Analysis of the connotations of commercial law
  17. Analysis of the transactions’ structure and the director guarantee’s role under business law
  18. Effects of business law on licensing and commercial transactions
  19. Why business law is important in the interpretation of liability in contractual agreements
  20. Role of business wills in easing transactions in business law

This category also has some of the best business law thesis topics. Nevertheless, you should be ready to research extensively to come up with a brilliant paper on any of these business law paper topics.

LLM business law dissertation topics

You need topics in this category if you’re pursuing a master of laws (LLM). This is a post-graduate degree for enhancing legal knowledge in a specific area. Here are dissertation topics in business law worth considering for LLM students.

  1. How effective are commercial laws in supporting transactions in the U.S?
  2. What should be added or changed to the current commercial laws in the UK?
  3. How effective are international commercial laws in the UK?
  4. Effects of international commercial laws on energy projects globally
  5. How commercial laws can be used to deal with dishonest managers
  6. Regulations that stop corruption: A UK case study
  7. How pre-incorporation contracts work
  8. Evaluating commercial law arbitration: A UK policy practice case study
  9. What role does corporate social responsibility play in the performance of companies?
  10. Assessing the economic effects of intellectual property rights
  11. Implications of Brexit on intellectual rights protection in the UK
  12. How fair and safe is the EU intellectual property?
  13. Evaluation of fair dealing in copyright law terms- A US case study
  14. Effects of EU law on the UK intellectual property regime
  15. A comparison of the intellectual property regime in the US and UK
  16. Does EU copyright laws create ample balance between inventors and users’ needs?
  17. Evaluation of the protection laws for the intellectual property rights on the internet
  18. What is the relationship between EU regulations and intellectual property laws?
  19. How emerging technological advancements can smoothly operate within the current US intellectual property laws
  20. Effectiveness and extent of the protection of the intellectual rights of the indigenous people in the US

These business law research topics require extensive research. Therefore, pick any of these business law research paper topics if confident you can find reliable sources of relevant information.

Business Law Topics for Presentation

Perhaps, you’re looking for interesting business law topics for presentations. Maybe you need current business law topics that you can use to prepare a speech for presentation. In that case, consider this list of business law presentation topics.

  1. What are the provisions of the Indian Contract Act 1872?
  2. What are the remedies for a breach of a contract?
  3. Legal rules surrounding principal and agent
  4. What are the rights of online consumers?
  5. Copyright provisions in the digital age
  6. Auction sale rules
  7. Consumer protection future past the Brexit era
  8. The future possibilities of the UK and US business corporation
  9. Impact of internet legislations on business
  10. Voidable and void contract- What’s the difference?
  11. What are the main categories of contracts?
  12. Roles of redressal agencies for consumer disputes
  13. What rights does an unpaid seller have?
  14. Warranties and conditions as per sale of goods Act- explain
  15. Who should file a complaint under the Consumer Protection Act?
  16. How important is a digital signature in business?
  17. Difference between a limited liability and unlimited liability company
  18. Private company conversion into a public company
  19. Importance of memorandum of association
  20. Difference between a company and a partnership

This category also has some of the best international business law topics. Consider them if interested in business law term paper topics that require a relatively broader perspective.

There are many research paper topics for business law or business management essay that learners can consider. Nevertheless, business writing law topics require time and effort. Therefore, students should be ready to carefully research and analyze information before presenting it in their papers.

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