180 Exploratory Essay Topics From Our Vetted Experts

Exploratory Essay Topics

Exploratory essays are not everyone’s favorite. The name itself is not familiar to many and as such, writing the essay itself is a great challenge to many. Are you one of those who have been going through this agony?

Today is your lucky day because we will explore some of the best exploratory paper topics and a brief guide on writing this kind of paper.

Are you ready for this significant venture? Let’s get right into it.

What is Exploratory Writing?

It is an academic paper that presents various positions that people have on a particular topic of interest. Exploratory papers are ordinary in news reports and textbooks.

However, it is essential to note that this kind of paper does not present simply one answer to a given question.

How To Write an Exploratory Essay

To write this kind of paper effectively, you must be well equipped with its structure and form. The exploratory essay outline is as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

But how does one choose an exploratory essay topic?

  • Have a broad category outline
  • Consider some common topics within the broad category
  • Single out the most relevant

Below are some topic examples of exploratory essays.

Expert Exploratory Essay Topics In Technology

  1. Facebook has driven the world apart rather than bringing it together
  2. Social media is an avenue where people showcase the kinds of lives they desire to live
  3. The role of technology in creating laziness among students
  4. Why the 5G technology may make the world a safe place
  5. Impact of technology on the containment of the coronavirus
  6. Why video games are making teenagers more violent and unruly
  7. The impact of smartphones on family relations
  8. Is technology to blame for the rising temperatures in the Polar Regions?
  9. How virtual reality is a game-changer in how we view things
  10. The impact of simulations on helping students understand concepts better
  11. Why is everyone against artificial intelligence?
  12. What will the world look like with robots everywhere?
  13. Why self-driving cars will cause more harm than good for man
  14. Can solar-powered vehicles face out diesel and petrol cars?
  15. Is anyone’s data safe with the advancement in technology?
  16. Can computers replace the role of man in the world?

Top Grade Topics For Investigative Essay

  1. What is the medical evidence behind the claim that marijuana is a medicine?
  2. Investigate the assertion that children are more creative than adults?
  3. What is the maximum sleeping time for a normal human being?
  4. Can daily exercise help you reduce stress?
  5. Does plastic surgery make you beautiful than before?
  6. What benefit does eating bananas bring to the body?
  7. Should alcohol addicts be taken to rehab centers for treatment?
  8. Why do older people tend to forget things easily?
  9. Investigate why women can handle more than one task at a time
  10. Will an essay writing service help a student improve his/her grades?
  11. Is it true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away?
  12. Why should anyone bother taking three meals in a day?
  13. Does meditation have an impact on the mental well-being of a person?
  14. Why are most mortuary attendants alcohol addicts?
  15. Can a virus originate from a bat or seafood?
  16. What is the difference between antibodies and antigens?

Good Exploratory Essay Topics In Sports

  1. Why is football considered a man’s game?
  2. Explore the reason behind huge fans during a football match
  3. Is it advisable for students to participate in athletics while in college?
  4. What impact does sport have on a person’s body?
  5. Are the World Olympic Games and World Cup slowly losing their meaning?
  6. Why is training essential before and after a match
  7. Discuss why volleyball and hockey attract more women than men
  8. Our local and international TV channels biased in their sports reporting?
  9. How has the coronavirus impacted sports as a whole?
  10. Are academic institutions supposed also to nurture sporting talents?
  11. Why is sports news sidelined in terms of the time of coverage?
  12. Explore why a majority of sports personalities are now superstars
  13. What does it take to be the man of the match in a football game?
  14. Why is Jose Mourinho famous in the English Premier League
  15. Should governments support sporting talents?
  16. What is the role of football academy clubs?

Topics For Exploratory Essay in Business

  1. Why do most business start-ups fail on the first trial?
  2. Should the government introduce a digital tax for online workers?
  3. Explore the impacts of the recession on the economy of the world
  4. Why are most people opting for online marketing campaigns?
  5. Why are most tellers and accountants female?
  6. The role of social media in making an online presence of a company
  7. Why buying a car may not be the best idea for your first loan
  8. Discover why the finance department is the heart of any business establishment
  9. What is the role of the stock-market exchange?
  10. Discuss the consequences of moving to a cashless society
  11. The impact of mobile money transactions on cash flow
  12. Are teenagers advised to invest in sports betting?
  13. What are the pointers of an excelling business?
  14. Should nonprofit organizations be exempted from paying tax?
  15. Are companies advertising what they do not offer?
  16. Compare and contrast between Forex and crypto-currencies
  17. Is online writing a form of employment?
  18. Discover the businesses that flourish well in the 21st century

Environmental Topics For Exploratory Essays

  1. Why is global warming threatening the survival of humanity?
  2. Explore why every compound should at least have a tree
  3. The impact of deforestation on the oxygen levels
  4. How has the melting polar ice resulted in increased flooding and tides?
  5. Legislative measures that can help save mother Nature
  6. Reasons why every homestead should have a recycling plant
  7. Why are people reluctant to use naturally available sources of energy?
  8. Is it possible to have industries and factories free of carbon IV oxide?
  9. The impact of plastic pollution on the environment
  10. How the changing climatic conditions are affecting human life
  11. Is the school curriculum on the environment sufficient enough?
  12. Reasons why we all need to protect water catchment areas
  13. Is World Environment Day serving its purpose?
  14. What happens when the ozone layer is depleted?
  15. How can schools nurture citizens who are cautious of their environment?
  16. Why the wildfires in the Amazon forest should worry everyone

Exploratory Topics on Entertainment

  1. Are TV stations playing morally indecent songs and videos?
  2. What is the best way to enjoy your weekend?
  3. How often should one watch movies and TV series?
  4. Does the kind of entertainment define the behavior of a person?
  5. How do movies depict violence and crime?
  6. Strengths and weaknesses of Netflix
  7. Is YouTube replacing TV in the entertainment industry?
  8. Is it true that a film is a reflection of society?
  9. Which is more entertaining between watching a movie and hiking?
  10. Should actors be considered celebrities?
  11. Who determines the appearance of children in TV series and movies?
  12. The role of the Films and classifications board in producing clean content
  13. Are the Oscars awards genuine and authentic?
  14. Why are most people turning to the internet for their entertainment needs?
  15. Are raveling and drinking all night a form of entertainment?
  16. Are parents to be custodians of what their children watch?

College Investigative Essay Topics For Research

  1. Are our courts serving justice as they ought to do?
  2. Investigate why most teenagers are addicted to video games
  3. What is the reason behind grey hair with aging?
  4. Is it true that one looks uglier as he gets older?
  5. Explore the role of religion in advocating for morals in the society
  6. Why is cancer associated with people’s lifestyles?
  7. What is the highest level of education that one is to reach?
  8. Does working late into the night affect one’s productivity?
  9. What factors affect the cultural beliefs of different ethnicities?
  10. How does the people’s view of God affect their way of life?
  11. Why does the world have different religions?
  12. Do people use religion as a form of escapism?
  13. How does culture affect the development of any country?
  14. Reasons why abortion is acceptable in some countries
  15. Why do most households own a pet or two?
  16. Is China slowly rising to the level of a super-power?
  17. Why do terrorists use terror to advance their ideologies?
  18. Why is there a reservation for interracial marriages?

Sample Exploratory Essay Ideas On Schooling

  1. How old should one be to start schooling?
  2. Do teachers play a critical role in parenting children?
  3. Why are more ladies concerned with sciences over humanities?
  4. Is online learning in schools the same as physical learning?
  5. Should the government do away with boarding schools?
  6. Does caning a student help correct the wrong he/she has done?
  7. What is the essence of reading ahead of the teacher?
  8. Are examinations the only way to test students?
  9. What is the maximum concentration-time of a student?
  10. Why most students do not proceed to college
  11. Should students study various subjects?
  12. What is the impact of remedial classes on students?
  13. Should students carry their laptops to school?
  14. Why should all students use the school bus?
  15. Impact of weather on schooling activities
  16. Should teachers give out an assignment with a tight headline?
  17. How political activities affect the school calendar
  18. The impact of trans-knighting on your grades

List of Exploratory Essay Topics On Health

  1. Healthy living and long life
  2. Effect of smoking on pregnant women
  3. Why washing your hands is necessary
  4. The role of WHO in pandemics
  5. How HIV/AIDS patients can live longer
  6. Environment and health
  7. Benefits of daily exercise
  8. Addiction to caffeine
  9. Diet and obesity
  10. Age and health
  11. Overcoming mental illness
  12. Drinking lots of water
  13. Coronavirus and masks
  14. Vaccines and antibodies
  15. Effects of regular injections
  16. Containing infectious diseases
  17. Dealing with cancer
  18. Retirement and mental well-being
  19. Giving birth and calcium levels
  20. Role of iron-rich foods
  21. Benefits of dieting
  22. Traditional versus modern medicine
  23. Winter and pneumonia
  24. Cigarettes and liver cirrhosis
  25. Medical-related TV adverts
  26. Dealing with amnesia

Top-Tier Exploratory Essay Questions

  1. Moral support
  2. Divorce and children
  3. Early pregnancy and child development
  4. Premarital sex and adultery
  5. Government and GDP
  6. Reducing the public debt
  7. Taxes and levies
  8. Starting a family
  9. Maintaining ties
  10. Relationships between older and younger siblings
  11. Stepparents
  12. Surrogate mothers
  13. Foster parents
  14. Orphaned children
  15. Hate speech
  16. Immorality and entertainment
  17. Building mental capacity
  18. Laziness and development
  19. Ethics of cloning
  20. AI and employment

Do you still have questions on what is an exploratory essay and how to write one? Our experts are ready to offer you help with essay writing today.

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