Cold War Essay: Writing Guide With Topics

Writing a cold war essay is not easy, especially for students that are not familiar with capitalism, communism, nuclear weapons or threats, and related historical data. The cold war is considered a major historical event. It involved the Russian and American allies as the conflicting sides. This event led to the creation of new forces, different actions, and changes in the international order.

In some cases, students are asked to write a cold war DBQ essay. This is a two-fold task because learners are supposed to review some documents fast to familiarize themselves with the information contained in them. After that, learners can write the essay with the proper understanding of the accompanying documents. Nevertheless, students should have their writing prompt in mind when responding to a document-based question. This is very important because the basis of the writing prompt is the accompanying documents.

Most educators ask students to answer cold war essay questions to test their ability to read, understand, and work with different historical documents. As such, they expect learners to use, cite and reference those documents in their essays. Our custom essay service can come in handy, if you’re in trouble, but we advise you to read this article to the end.

The Scope of Cold War Essay

When asked to write an essay on the cold war, students can explore different topics. For instance, learners can focus on determining whether the cold war could be avoided based on the opinions of historians. They can discuss events that had direct impacts on the cold war.

A student can have different perspectives expressed in their essay on cold war including cold war ideologies, the beginning of the superpower race, global powers, the mutual rivalry between the USA and USSR, future consequences of the cold war, and the formation of new governments in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

Regardless of the approach that a learner takes when writing an essay about cold war, it’s important to research or study the accompanying documents properly. That’s because their argument in this essay should be supported by referenced facts.

Common Perspectives of the Cold War Essay

Your educator may ask you to take a certain direction or perspective when writing this essay. In that case, stick to the essay prompt or topic to impress your educator and earn the top grade. But, if you’ve not been given a topic, you can decide on the direction to take when writing on this subject. Here are some of the cold war essay topics that you can write about.

  • What caused the cold war essay: Cold war was started by several events. If you opt to write the causes of the cold war essay, focus on what led to allied attacks. Discuss the masterminds behind the large-scale events that led to the cold war. How did these events benefit the allied forces? State the main reasons for the attacks and how the forces were formed. Analyze both the communist and capitalist sized properly in your essay.
  • Who was responsible for the cold war essay: When you opt to write on this topic, discuss all parties that were involved in the cold war. State each country and alliances that were involved in the intriguing wars. When writing who started the cold war essay, you may be limited in terms of the countries to mention or discuss. But, when writing about the participants in the cold war, you will have a larger scope. That’s because the cold war took place in an international arena. Each of the involved parties played a role in fueling conflicts. What’s more, many leaders played a role in this war. These include President Truman, Stalin, Ronald Reagan, Churchill, and Gorbachev.
  • Who won the cold war essay: Every war has a strong and a weak side. The strong side takes full control while the weak side plans a defense. When writing about the cold war winner, discuss the pact that ended the war and its terms. Which side succeeded in reaching a consensus? Also, discuss how the involved participants felt about the results of the war.

Whether you write the origins of the cold war essay or focus on the impacts of the cold war, you have to research extensively to come up with factual information. Always remember that this essay should be based on historical information. Therefore, research is very important because the information that you include in your essay should be verifiable.

Creating a Cold War Essay Outline

Once you’ve decided on the perspective to take when writing this essay, you should draft an outline. An outline should guide you when you start writing the essay. It should tell you the information to include in different sections of the essay. Your outline should have three major parts as follows.

  1. Introduction: Your cold war essay introduction should be the part where you introduce the topic. It should be an engaging paragraph that includes a cold war essay thesis statement. Take your time to research extensively and identify the best hooks for an essay about the cold war that will also go into your introduction.
  2. Main body: The body section of your essay is the part where you support the central argument using factual and adequate evidence. If you opted to write something, was the cold war inevitable essay, support the position that you hinted to the readers with your thesis statement in the introduction. Make sure that you reference the sources of the information that you use to support your argument in the body section of your essay.
  3. Conclusion: Your cold war essay conclusion should summarize or wrap up everything that you said in the introduction and body parts of your write-up. Summarize the main ideas while restating your thesis. Also, make a call to action in your conclusion.

Once you’ve drafted an outline, follow it to write the essay. Take a simple approach but focus on responding to your essay prompt. As long as you have chosen the right topic, you will find this subject easy and interesting to research and write about.

Interesting Cold War Topics for an Essay

There are many topics that you may consider when asked to write about the cold war. That’s because the cold war lasted for years due to its political, social, cultural, and economic impacts. The impacts divided the entire world for years. As such, there are many cold war topics that students can write about. Here are some of the most interesting cold war topic ideas to consider.

  • How the Vietnam war was connected to the cold war
  • How the elected soviets’ policies caused the cold war
  • How the Berlin wall caused division in Germany
  • How the cold war continues to affect North Korea
  • Cold war and popular culture
  • What role did the cold war play in the Korean War?

Whether you opt to write a cold war thematic essay or discuss the origins of this conflict, research should be at the core of your work. This subject requires careful investigation and analysis of information. You should also present information in your essay in a way that is easy to read and understand. What’s more, you should show the educator that you understand the cold war, its causes, and effects. By the time the educator reads your essay conclusion cold war should seem like a topic you’ve studied for years. If you can’t research and write a great essay on this subject to impress the educator to award you the top grade, seek assistance.

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