What Does It Mean To Be An American – Essay To Surprise Your Prof!

What Does It Mean To Be An American Essay

We seek to examine the definition of this essay, its outline and present you with writing prompts and a sample. Now that you have already gone through the menu, it’s time to make your order and feed your appetite to satisfaction, are you ready? Let’s get started already.

Definition Of What Does It Mean To Be An American Essay

“What does it mean to be an American essay” is a paper written with the intent of showing pride in your country, America. It requires that the student expresses his/her patriotism in the country through words structured in a manner befitting the status of a great American.

However, for an argumentative essay type of such, you will have to give the pros and cons of being an American.

You must have read of numerous posts, including blogs, news bulletins, documentaries, or movies depicting this subject. So, this is not a new topic to most of you reading this – especially you, yes, the one reading this line.

We now move to the second part of our menu, the outline.

What It Means To Be An American – Essay Structure

The focus is on how you can achieve the flow of your essay in a manner that your readers can follow. That leads us to the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Much has been said concerning an essay outline. However, we cannot sideline a critical part in the introduction, the thesis statement. What does it mean to be an American thesis is what sets the tone and pace of your paper. If you spoil this section, then the rest of the essay may not sell to your readers. You can get more help with the general essay structure from our writing assistance.

The next section will interest you:

Possible Writing Prompts

  1. Being an American means having the privilege of residing in a superpower country.
  2. Being an American means having the best ahead of everyone else in terms of technology and information
  3. Being American means having the freedom of choice
  4. It means being informal and referring to most people by their first name or nickname.
  5. Being an American means smiling a lot and being hospitable, even to strangers.
  6. Being an American means accepting LGBTQ.

There are numerous ways that you can use to arrive at these prompts quickly. One of these is topically identifying the various societal undertakings. The topics include:

  • Health
  • Politics
  • Sports
  • Communication
  • Culture
  • Holidays

From there, you can derive numerous “what is an American essay” ideas. Try them out now and see how easy the process is for you.

Now we are at the crucial point of our discussion where we will look at a sample. Be sure to draw out more ideas and writing tips from it.

What Does it Mean to be an American: The Pros and Cons

Many people or almost everyone holds the United States of America in high esteem. The USA is everywhere, on the TV, the radio, newspapers, different products, and on many scholar’s lips. Nearly every scholar you meet will tell you how they want to study at Harvard or MIT. However, being an American comes with its share of experiences, some good, and others negative.

America is considered a dream nation. Many people yearn to be associated with this superpower country in a bid also to become great. Someone was joking that a college certificate from America would be considered higher than a university degree in a third-world country. Everyone wants to drive an American car, to build an American house, or even to live an American style. No wonder most fashion styles have been copied from the US.

Being an American means a rich and full life. Considered as a land of opportunities, most people have earned a fortune from this great nation. The handsome salaries and lucrative jobs entice many to associate with America. With a booming economy, the country has been able to create more jobs even for foreigners. One would say, landing in America amounts to landing right inside a gold mine, the stench of poverty is puffed up by it.

What does it mean to be an American? – Diversity. The US is diverse in many aspects, from races, cultures, languages to religions. You also get to experience many amazing geographical features in the USA. When it comes to diversity, you have many choices to explore. Imagine what you can get out of the 50 states in America?

Nevertheless, being an American is not that entertaining and enthusiastic at all. It means having to live in a capitalist nation where profit is valued over people. The result of this is the government favoring the rich and sidelining the poor. Therefore, you have to muscle your way up to the luxurious standards to survive here.

It also means having to put up with gun violence. Unlike any other country, the US allows people to own guns though there are measures and policies to regulate this. However, a large number of people owning guns pose a threat to neighborhood peace. There have been reported cases of mass shootings as a resulting of it. Gun scare and police brutality maybe your new norm.

In conclusion, despite the cons in the US, the pros outweigh them and make it a great nation to admire. One is sure of getting the best out of it and climb to the status of the land, high. There is no more doubt that it is a country far ahead of others in terms of technology, economy, and military warfare. The coronavirus has proven this with the country conducting more tests than any other in the world.

“What it means to be an American” essay is as fun and quick to write like that. Provided you follow the tips outline above, you won’t struggle.

So, get that notepad out and show the world what you can do! It starts with a single baby step.

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