60 Well-Made Gun Control Essay Topics For 2023

gun control essay topics

Gun control has been a subject of contention, especially after the recent killings involving private gun owners. Nevertheless, this gun control essay seeks to help you write a paper that will not land you into trouble with such cases. Read on.

One can either choose to write a pro-gun control essay or one against the use of guns. It will all depend on the type of assignment, or the message you would like to convey. Stay with me now.

Gun Control Essay Outline

The gun control essay introduction begins by giving a background and thesis statement. From the word go, the reader should be glued to the essay by the introductory. Let it act as a bait that will make him swim towards the essay hook. A gun control argumentative thesis statement forms the last line of the introduction. It states your stand either; pro-gun or against gun.

Have an elaborate essay body that presents all the facts, statistics, and other evidence in chronological order. Attributing to the sensitive nature of such an essay ensure that your evidence is factual and can reliable.

A gun control essay conclusion gives a summary statement allowing the writer to restate his/her thesis statement. One can provide solutions to some of the problems highlighted in the body in this paragraph.

Topnotch writers use the gun control essay titles to have an audience for their piece. We shall explore some of these great topics that will motivate you to start writing one of your own too.

Astounding Gun Control Topics

We will look at them in the following two aspects:

  • Pro-gun control topics
  • Anti-gun control topics

Time to get into some real serious business now. Are you up to the task soldier? Let’s do this then.

Pro-gun Control Topics

  1. A Study On Pro-Gun Control measures in the US
  2. Reduction in social risks as a result of gun control
  3. Factors holding back the implementation of gun control laws
  4. Decreased youth violence
  5. Will gun control help restore sanity in the streets?
  6. Impact of restrictions on weapon circulation
  7. How the economy will be affected in line with gun control
  8. All states should embrace gun control measures
  9. It will help in singling out those with ill motives in the community
  10. Safer neighborhoods as a result of strict gun regulation
  11. The government will be able to monitor and restrain gun holders
  12. Schools will be more reliable than before
  13. It will reduce drug trafficking associated with guns
  14. A reduction in illegal weapons entering into the country
  15. Gun Control Should Be A Top Priority in every country
  16. It will reduce the chances of rebel uprisings in the country
  17. Civilians should not own guns completely
  18. Gun Control Laws are necessary For Today’s Society
  19. Gun Control: The Laws, Policies, And Regulations
  20. The similarity between weapons and crimes
  21. The Effects Of Gun Control On Teenagers
  22. Gun Control Laws Should be strict
  23. Imagine a world with no guns!
  24. Let the police are armed and civilians unarmed
  25. Mental illness and gun control
  26. The media’s role in championing for gun control
  27. Are mass shootings a result of reckless gun control measures?
  28. Who should be allowed to own a gun?
  29. Criminology theory essay: A case study
  30. Is the death penalty the way to go for reckless gun handlers?

Anti-gun Control Topics

  1. What’s the point in gun control?
  2. The 2nd amendment’s meaning of the term “militia.”
  3. Is liberty or life essential?
  4. How will gun control protect children?
  5. Restrictions against gun control wouldn’t be of any help
  6. The rights of the gun control policy
  7. People only use guns for protection, not killing!
  8. Guns are not our enemies; rather, they are friends
  9. Gun control is not the way to go
  10. Do away with gun control policies essay
  11. Self-defense and safety are essential with guns
  12. Every citizen should have a gun essay
  13. Arms should be regulated in schools, not abolished
  14. Stricter gun control laws will not solve the crime
  15. The right to life sure with a gun at hand
  16. The constitution should be amended to facilitate gun ownership
  17. America does not need limited gun control measures
  18. The banning of firearms in America is an illegal act
  19. Don’ t Pull The Trigger On Gun Control
  20. Gun have numerous uses besides killing
  21. Crime related news is the cause for pro-gun campaigns
  22. People should be allowed to carry weapons in public
  23. It infringes on the freedom to own guns for hunting and sport
  24. Increased gun control would not solve violence
  25. Imposing gun control is an infringement into the citizen’s rights
  26. It will lead to more illegal firearms
  27. Gun control would stir up demos
  28. It would harm the economy
  29. Cross-examination of the reduction of firearms
  30. School aggression would continue

Arguments to these topics and more should have a topic sentence and supporting examples and evidence.

Should you find any stress in completing your gun control essay, you can seek our professional essay help today.

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