100 Most Popular Entertaining Speech Topics For Students

entertaining speech topics

Like other types of papers, a speech to entertain should have a clear message addressed entertainingly. But what is an entertaining speech? It is a speech designed to thrill an audience’s attention and regale while delivering a message.

You can get an entertainment speech example from:

  • Wedding events
  • Awards banquet
  • Conferences

One may refer to them as special-occasion speeches. Let us look at the latest entertainment speech examples:

Entertainment Speech Topics on Movies

  1. The worst Hollywood movie I have ever watched
  2. The first time I stepped into a movie theatre
  3. Why do most action movies have men as the main actor?
  4. How I got my first Netflix subscription for free
  5. How to watch a film the whole night without dosing off
  6. The funniest comedy movie my dad ever bought me
  7. The use of sound and lighting effects in movies
  8. The worst romantic film I have ever watched
  9. The first time I had a nightmare after watching a horror movie
  10. My favorite investigative movie

Entertainment Speech Ideas on Video Games

  1. How to play a video game with your little sister
  2. Figuring out how to play Grand Theft Auto on a personal computer
  3. Video games that will never get you feeling bored
  4. The key to buying the best video game compartment
  5. How to play video games without your parents noticing
  6. My most significant loss in a football play station
  7. Things to do with a video game when there is no power
  8. How to win a football video game
  9. What to do when caught playing video games in class
  10. That time I lost my brand new play station

Topics for an Entertainment Speech on Travel

  1. Why traveling alone is not a good idea
  2. How to drive yourself on a road trip
  3. Ways to take the funniest pictures on a travel experience
  4. The worst vehicles to use for a long-distance road trip
  5. My fastest speed on a highway
  6. How to trick the traffic police that you are over 18
  7. The time I got into a road accident
  8. A road trip that made me laugh So hard that I cried
  9. The best food to carry when traveling
  10. My favorite songs on a road trip

Entertainment Speech Topics for College Students

  1. That funny joke I made in class that I shouldn’t have
  2. The secret to cheating in an exam without being caught
  3. My best experience in college
  4. The most embarrassing moment in front of my class
  5. My mischievous college mate
  6. How I sneak from home
  7. How to bathe an elephant indoors
  8. How to wash your car in a sink
  9. Aggressive ways to write your research paper thick and fast
  10. How to prank your college mates

Entertainment Topics to Write About on Relationships

  1. The best girlfriend I have ever had.
  2. Why are skinny ladies hard to get?
  3. Why do girlfriends and boyfriends match clothes?
  4. How to date a rich lady
  5. How to leave a relationship secretly
  6. The best date I have ever had
  7. The time I sent my boyfriend, “I hate you.”
  8. How to propose to a stubborn girlfriend
  9. Why I am still single
  10. Why ladies never propose

Funny Entertainment Speech Topics

  1. How to spoil your ex’s wedding
  2. Why men should also cry
  3. How to watch an emotional movie without crying
  4. How to fall in love quickly
  5. Worst messages on a birthday card
  6. The day I sent a wrong message to my mum
  7. My worst fashion mistakes
  8. Creepy behaviors on a date
  9. The worst troll I ever received on Facebook
  10. How to become mad in less than two minutes

Entertainment Speech Topics High School

  1. Five dumb things I did on my first day in school
  2. Funny things I did behind the school fence
  3. How I knew I would tail in my class
  4. The worst hairstyle to school
  5. When to copy homework from your friend
  6. How to pretend you are bright in class
  7. Funny rules I have read on my school noticeboard
  8. The secret to avoiding punishment in school
  9. How to bully your teacher
  10. The best lies I have ever told my high school principal

Entertainment Speech Topics List for Dealing with Stress

  1. Why I sleep the whole day when I am stressed
  2. Why hugging reduces stress
  3. What I do when my adrenaline shoots up
  4. How to bathe when under pressure
  5. The worst things I do when under duress
  6. The best color to lower stress
  7. Why watching comedy movies helps relieve tension
  8. Why taking too much caffeine is not a solution to stress relief
  9. My favorite person when I feel stressed
  10. Why I eat a lot when under extreme stress

Entertaining Topic Ideas for Writers

  1. The best way to copy-paste without getting caught
  2. The worst story I have ever written
  3. The first time I wrote a love poem to my girlfriend
  4. My worst experience with Grammarly when editing
  5. How I lost my laptop when writing
  6. Why I love chewing my pen when composing a story
  7. The best critic I have ever received on my blog
  8. How I twist around emotional events to make them thrilling and fun
  9. Why I love writing with a pen in my ear
  10. How I motivate myself to write every day

Hilarious Entertainment Speech Topics

  1. Why men who wash dishes are short
  2. How to deal with a notorious neighbor
  3. Why short girls love High heels
  4. How do ladies look like without make-up?
  5. The funniest sound I have ever made in class
  6. Why people who fart in buses open windows
  7. How to steal money from a bank in your pants
  8. One million ways of attracting flies to your house
  9. Why coronavirus has made everyone look like a doctor
  10. Who takes socks at night?

An entertainment speech is more than just writing; it is a way to have fun and let off stress. I am sure you must be having rib aches after going through our thrilling list of entertaining topics.

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