Writing A Thanksgiving Essay: Pro Tips And Tricks

Thanksgiving essay

It doesn’t matter whether you are a college or high school student, escaping a thanksgiving essay paper is like a camel trying to make its way past a needle’s eye. It is because, in every stage of life, there is a milestone you achieve, which requires you to give thanks. That is why you need pro thanksgiving essay ideas to spice up your paper.

But first,

What is an Essay on Thanksgiving?

It is a paper that expresses a sense of gratitude that people feel for all the good things in life.

Thanksgiving happens in a variety of forms such as:

  • Gifting people
  • Prayer
  • Feasting with family

Therefore, an essay about Thanksgiving Day will seek to show what led to those events and how they unfolded. Below are ideas for your Thanksgiving Day essay:

Five Paragraph Essay About Thanksgiving

Such a paper will have an appealing introduction, three body paragraphs, and a summative conclusion. Use these prompts for your body paragraphs:

  1. Showing gratitude for having a country where you can confidently reside
  2. Giving thanks for prolonged periods of peace and political tranquility
  3. Appreciating the gift of a home and having a shelter over your roof
  4. Saying thank you for the friends and relatives you have
  5. Show your appreciation for being able to attend school and complete successfully

Thanksgiving History Writing Ideas

Here, it would help if you traced the roots of Thanksgiving Day in America with the following pointers in mind:

  1. American colonies that initiated the Thanksgiving day
  2. The role of the Pilgrims settling in the state of Massachusetts
  3. How agriculture contributed to this day
  4. The friendship between the Iroquois Indians and the pilgrims
  5. Why did George Washington suggest November 26th as the day of Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Essay – What Are You Thankful For?

There are a plethora of reasons to be thankful for every day. For instance, you can appreciate the following:

  1. The gift of life every morning
  2. Having parents who care for you
  3. Being taken to college
  4. Being spared from the devastating effects of COVID-19
  5. Having a sense of belonging to a family
  6. Ability to walk, talk, see, hear, smell or taste
  7. Being healed from a dreadful disease
  8. Having a crime-free neighborhood
  9. Having completed your exams successfully
  10. Having a laptop where you can study online

Top Writing Prompts for a Thanksgiving Dinner Essay

For a dinner party where you will give a thanksgiving speech, here are possible ideas:

  • Honoring your relative (grandpa, aunt, cousin)
  • Celebrating a graduation ceremony
  • Felicitations for a marriage proposal
  • Giving thanks for a family reunion

Mary Moran Thanksgiving Essay

It is an essay touching on how Mary Moran, a Rhode Island schoolgirl, won a state Thanksgiving essay contest. It was in 1973, where she wrote a piece about the absurdity of Thanksgiving. Use these ideas for your inspiration:

  • How dissatisfaction is the cause of unhappiness
  • How faith can provide one with comfort and strength
  • Why people are not thankful because they are not happy

What Thanksgiving Means to Me Essay Prompts

There are different meanings of Thanksgiving, depending on the context. Here are some of the implications:

  • A natural impulse to the kindness received
  • Reflecting on the deeds done to me and how I responded to them
  • A time of feasting and celebrating
  • A time of coming together

Now, let’s explore a thanksgiving narrative essay for your inspiration:

Being in a family is one of the most incredible things that ever happened to me. The gift of a mother, father, and two siblings thrills my heart at its thought. Not that it is a perfect family but that even in the imperfections, I give thanks for them.

My mother is my most significant pillar. She is one person I can confidently lean on and trust despite any circumstance. I remember a time when I messed up in school, and I went back home. She lovingly spoke to me and took me back to school. There are many instances when she has supported me and held my hand in every step of the way.

Having a father is a privilege that many yearn for every day. Whenever I head home from school, I know of someone who will scold me and buy me a present. He is always concerned about my performance in school, wanting to bring the best out of me. He indeed is a rock that firmly holds me from swaying here and there.

And then there are these two loves, my little brother and sister. Stubborn and annoying as they may be, these two have been my best friends. In them, I have found real friends, confidants, and support systems. I can freely talk with them and feel renewed. All my sorrows melt away, and I am brave again to fight my battles.

Indeed, blood is thicker than water. Belonging to a family is one of the greatest blessings I consider myself to have. I feel secure, healthy, supported, and, most of all, genuinely loved with them. They are like that guardian angel, always by your side.

Thanksgiving Essay – Easier Than It Seems

Writing a Thanksgiving essay is not that big of a deal, after all. The secret is to identify the specific aspect you are thankful for and build on it. If you are short of a specific one, do not worry, you can right on just about anything – even the air.

Nonetheless, if you need a professional paper, seek our world-class custom writing help at cheap rates today. We will avail you with all you need for an A+. Try us.

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